To Have And To Hold

A great wedding album can help you remember the story of the day long after your memories fade.

In an age when almost everything is shared online, couples prefer classic wedding albums as a way to capture the intimate moments from their special day. Here, Western Australia Wedding & Bride seeks to uncover the secrets behind this beautiful book.

Through The Lens

McGinn believes that the perfect wedding album will allow you to relive your special day at any time. He says that you may receive hundreds, if not even thousands, of photos. “[However, digital] images won’t beat the storytelling power of a beautifully designed wedding album.”

It would be best if you discussed any specific shots you may have in mind with your photographer. McGinn says he does not shoot images with an album layout in mind. He says that he will often take a picture and instantly know it will look great in an album. It’s great to show these images immediately because it makes the couple excited about their album.

It’s not only important to choose a photographer that you like, but it’s also worth researching the albums they have previously created to make sure
you’ll receive your desired result. McGinn says it is easier to let the wedding photographer create the album since they will know the most important moments. If you use a third party, it may take hours to upload your photos [while the photographer has full access].

The Perfect Filter

You’ll need to sort through hundreds of pictures after the wedding in order to select the few special ones that will appear in your wedding album. McGinn recommends selecting 10-20 images for every significant event, such as preparations, pictures of the venue, and group shots.

Many newlyweds entrust the photographer with choosing their favorite images if they are overwhelmed. After winning
McGinn, who has won multiple awards for his wedding photography skills, is a wealthier man than most. He shares his knowledge with his clients. He says that couples often find it difficult to choose from over 1,000 images. “I can help couples choose the images that best represent their wedding.”


You can display your work in your home with large prints. McGinn said wall art, such as matte prints, acrylic displays, and canvases, is very popular. He says he once helped a couple have an image printed on wallpaper. I’ve teamed up with a supplier who can create novelty items like mouse pads, coffee mugs, and more. These are great gifts.

Finishing touches

After you have selected all your images, work with your photographer on the best order. McGinn says that while everyone is different, he recommends a balance between candid and formal photos. “Black and White images can make a huge impact on albums.”


It’s important to arrange your photos chronologically to ensure that your album will make sense long after the memories have faded. McGinn enjoys being creative when it comes to the placement of casual photos. “I will”

He says that he likes to group the images of the bride and groom with the shots of the bridal party. This creates a great visual impact.

The Hue of You

It’s not essential to have a theme for your album, but many couples choose to use a tone that is consistent and reflects the colors used in the wedding or creates cohesion within the book. McGinn advises couples, in particular, to avoid text, borders, and embellishments. He says that while these elements may be appropriate for scrapbooking, an official wedding album should focus on the photos.

McGinn’s favorite albums are those with black-and-white images that stand out. He says that while black and white is visually striking, an album full of it will quickly become stale.

Bound To Last

You’ll want to make sure your album is made with a durable binding and an attractive cover. McGinn’s wedding albums are made in Italy using high-quality leathers, fabrics, and inks, as well as archives-quality papers and inks. He says that the quality of an album is crucial to its longevity. All of my albums are lay-flat bound so that you won’t lose any images in the middle.

There are many options available to suit your aesthetic, from classic hardback books to soft leather and fabric books. Add your favorite photo to the cover or add messages from loved ones.

You and your family can reminisce on your wedding day for years to come by creating a wedding book. You can be assured that your wedding album is a beautiful compilation if you hire a professional to make it.

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