Selecting of Outdoor Daybed Cover – What to Look for

Daybed covers can enhance the personality of your brand-new daybeds and also keep your pricey piece of furniture well protected. Once if you get a good daybed and a frame to fit it in, next it is time to look for a cover set which is versatile and functional. This step, however, can make or break your décor if not done well.

We may not want to waste our money on something which is not fitting properly to the bed or make it feel terrible. Let us further discuss some essential things to look for while you are choosing a good daybed cover.  

Getting a daybed cover

Every branded daybed may be coming with a cover, but this may not be adequate to protect if you are using it as an outdoor daybed. Such usage must demand an additional layer of protection, for which you need to get a good quality bed cover. The bed cover must give adequate protection as well as appealing look to your daybed.

The size to choose

An average daybed may consist of the twin-size mattress too. So, usually, the whole bed covers come at standard sizes like 75″x39″ or so. There will be adequate drop also at the bed skirts which may be of about 15 inches. However, before buying an outdoor daybed cover, you must first take appropriate measurements of your daybed to make sure that you choose a properly fitting cover.

However, daybeds are a different form of regular size bedding. So, you cannot randomly choose any bedding cover to be tried on daybeds. Standard beddings may need a different structure whereas daybed also needs to cover some additional parts too, which are otherwise visible.

Choosing an appropriate colour

When you are planning to use your daybed outdoors, the choice of cover also must be of an appropriate colour to give it an appealing look. Whatever colour your daybed’s default colour may have, you can get the additional protective cover in such colour and shade which matches to the overall décor of the surroundings. So, do not underestimate the importance of the colour of the cover as an essential decorative element. You will not find it difficult to find daybed covers in any imaginable colour or design. For example, grey or black hues may work wonders with contemporary as well as modern designs.

Considering of material

You can find daybed covers made of different materials ranting from thick cotton to polyester or vinyl. While considering coverage for an outdoor daybed, you should consider the environmental factors also like rain, heat, dust and choose an appropriate cover, which offers adequate protection from these harmful elements. However, this choice depends on whether you want to keep the cover on while using or whether it is just for the storage purpose.

Now by knowing all these important factors about choosing daybed covers, you can explore the online stores to identify the available choices there. Always try to make a fair comparison of the features, cost, and other add-ons of different products to identify the best option for you to choose.


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