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Planning Your Country Themed Wedding

When you have to plan and put together a last-minute wedding it can be overwhelming. For many reasons you might find the need to do this. If you are a younger military member you may find yourself with a narrow window to plan and execute your wedding. If the unexpected, or a simple circumstance makes it necessary for you to accelerate your wedding day, you don’t have to choose between elopement or the local courthouse. Now take a look at these ideas and helpful tips to make your last-minute wedding planning less stressful and more fun.

Start with A Wedding Checklist

There are quite a number of sites like My Wedding Reception Planning that will have checklists for you to follow. You can even find ones with timelines based on how far away the wedding date is. Follow one completely or look through it and narrow it to fit your particular needs. One way or the other, a checklist will help keep you organized to get the required and desired things done. Finding a Wedding Venue. A romantic wedding arch for when you must make last minute wedding plans This is one of the main and difficult tasks when time is short and the best thing would be if you have a family member, a friend or a home of your own where this could take place. Usually you are planning this wedding for not over a hundred people, if that, and the home and garden would work.

This venue would have to be available to you for about five days prior to the wedding to get it ready and decorated as you want it. If a venue like that is not possible for you look for a restaurant with a patio or courtyard or one with a party room that would be open for you to rent. The advantage of this is that the linens, china, lighting, restrooms, beverages and other things are already right there. Also, be flexible as to the time and day you would want the space. This will give you a better shot at getting it. If you are willing to be married one of the first three days at the beginning of the week or a Sunday these give you the best chance to book on late notice. Another option is Las Vegas where there are numerous places that are used to planning and doing last-minute weddings.

When the Wedding Budget is Tight

Have exact figures in mind that you will spend on the various aspects of the wedding day and stick to them. First, you need to decide what elements of your wedding are the most special and important to you. Make a list of what they are and focus on getting those things for sure. Choose the essential things that will make up your wedding such as flowers, decorations and food. Since time is very short when you go to a vendor be sure to take pictures of flowers, wedding cakes and decorations you like. This will save time and give them a better idea of what you have in mind. Know exactly what you want and what you can budget for food and beverages at your reception. If you don’t this can get a bit out of hand.

Wedding Invitations

Before you invite your guests on such short notice you may be turned down. If there isn’t enough time to order invitations, you can print or handwrite your own. You can even launch your own wedding web site and direct family and friends to get up-to-the-minute information from there.

Reminders for the Bride and Groom

Cssh will be needed for wedding day tips and purchases. With all the last minute rush couples tend to forget the amount of cash you will need for that day. This would be for things on that day you wish to tip in cash or need to pay cash for. A bride and groom emergency kit is helpful when rushed to get all things done. There are lists to be found on the internet that can help you to put a kit together.

Transportation for the Day

This is very important to plan as sometimes when there is a short time until the wedding it is hard to find and book available means of transportation. If you are having people travel to your wedding then you must think of how to get them to the wedding. Of course, how you and your wedding party will get to any and all events of the day is most important as you don’t need any last minute hang-ups.
Wedding Details.

A tasty looking food tray for your guests

Catering companies require booking in advance, but many restaurants offer platters that you can order a day or two beforehand. Even better if your reception is in a restaurant your food can be catered by the restaurant. Some of your better supermarket deli’s have very good catering trays and will take orders on shorter notice. For flower bouquets and decorations, your best bet is your local supercenters or farmers markets and less expensive also. Typically flowers in season are cheaper, so if you’re flexible with the look you can go seasonal and save some  wedding budget money. A time saver would be to not have a professional photographer and ask a family member or a friend who has a good camera to be the designated photographer. Also, you can get random candid photos by leaving disposable cameras around the guest area and just ask the guests to snap interesting shots then give them a place to leave the cameras so you can get them developed. One of the best things to remember is to keep the wedding a lovely simple day. It is the “big” picture of you and your wedding that will be what the guest will long remember and not details you just couldn’t get to. So make your last-minute wedding a special day for you, your fmily and friends and let it be a day to remember for all. Here’s a video to help you put together your wedding day survival kit. You won’t be sorry you took the time to put one together.

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