Love is in the Air


It’s not surprising that the location itself is a great starting point when planning a destination marriage. After deciding on the location of your wedding, you can start to plan the specifics, including the guest list, venue, and itinerary. If there is a destination
There are many ways to choose the perfect location for your wedding, whether it’s a place you’ve always dreamed about visiting or one that is special to you or your partner. You may decide to bring the party to friends and relatives living overseas rather than invite them to your wedding. You may be planning a destination wedding but are unsure about the location. Check out Instagram and Pinterest for ideas. The destination wedding hashtag currently has over eight million posts on Instagram!


You should consider the best time to get married after you have chosen the location. While you will want to travel when the weather conditions are best, it is also wise to avoid peak tourist seasons for a variety of reasons. You’re more likely to get your desired venue and accommodation if you travel outside of peak travel times. Booking fees and increased prices are also avoided. It can be beneficial to spend some time familiarising yourself with your destination. It will make it easier if your wedding is held in a place you have visited previously. If not, you should take a short trip to familiarise yourself with the area before making any arrangements.


It is always better to visit the location in person than to rely on images. It is also a good idea to test out menus and cakes as part of the planning stage. If you do not have the budget or time to visit the destination before the wedding, don’t worry. Your wedding will still be memorable even if you have never been there. You’ll need to plan extra carefully in this case.

Lost in Translation

Finding a wedding planner is a vital step to be taken early on if you plan to marry in an unfamiliar place. When it comes to destination marriages, you should rely on a wedding planner who has more experience in the field. When you plan to marry in a foreign country where you do not speak the local language, planning is essential to avoid your plans being lost in translation. The increase in couples who want to have destination weddings led to the proliferation of wedding planners who specialize in this kind of event. A wedding planner will relieve a lot of stress and make sure your event is organized. Your planner will be there to help if anything goes wrong.



Once you have chosen the perfect destination and someone to assist you in planning your wedding, you should make it a priority to finalize your guest list and send out your save-the-date cards. It is important to plan, especially when traveling internationally. Your guests will want to have ample time to update their travel documents. Double-check your passport’s validity. Many countries will not accept passports that are valid for less than six months when you travel. It’s important to have the right documentation in order to confirm that the marriage can take place at the chosen location and will be recognized within Australia. A date can help you with other scheduling issues, such as selecting a venue to book de, deciding on the style and theme you want to use, or the type of celebrations you would like to hold. Style decisions are influenced not only by the location but also by factors like the season. If you are planning an autumnal Tuscan event, your activities will differ from those you would prepare for a summer seaside getaway.

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