It’s Not Marriage Without a Carriage

Cinderella is the perfect character to inspire you on such a momentous day. She is the poster girl for rags to riches. Cinderella is remembered for her remarkable transformation. But before that, there was the carriage. Where would Cinderella have been without a carriage fit for royalty? We may not have the luxury of conjuring up our dream car by casting a spell, but there are plenty of other options to make sure you and your partner arrive in style.

Find ‘The One”

The old saying goes, “Try before you purchase.” Just like choosing shoes or clothing, it is safer to test the product first before purchasing. This will ensure complete satisfaction. This is also true when selecting your wedding car. It may not be as exciting to imagine your perfect day and choose a vehicle that matches, but it’s important to think about practicalities to avoid disappointment. Many brides have suffered the fate of choosing a dress and car that is incompatible. The Smiths explain that wedding dresses are often of varying sizes, and only the bridesmaids and the bride know the size. The Smiths recommend couples “view cars before booking” to avoid disappointment. The Smiths say that any company with a good reputation and a physical address you can visit would be happy to let you sit in their cars.

The Smiths are the owners and managers for both Allure Limousines & Belle Classic Limousines. They have a variety of vehicles to suit everyone’s taste. We can mix and match our cars because we have both modern and vintage cars in our fleet. When a bride wants a vintage vehicle but also has six bridesmaids, we suggest that the bride, her Dad, or the person giving the bride away ride in the car, and the rest of the bridal party follow in a stretch limo.

I Adorn You

There are many options available to those who want to personalize the transportation for a day that is so intimate and sacred. From ribbons to flowers, there are plenty of ways to make it unique. The Smiths warn that “less is more” when it comes to decorating wedding cars. You will already have a stunning vehicle. “A nice and simple white, or ivory, ribbon is all that’s needed to dress up a wedding vehicle. Your wedding car provider should provide this as part the package.”

Although there are many other options, the recent trend has seen people gravitate towards classic ribbon embellishments. The Smiths were against decorative window stickers when asked. We discourage the use of window stickers because couples do not like to pay for repairs after booking. The duo points out that there are often adhesives or marks on the car that need to be removed.

The Great Escape

The day can bring a lot of excitement after months, or even years, of planning. They strongly recommend couples to take time for themselves and enjoy the moment. The day can go by quickly, and couples may not have had the chance to spend time together other than taking photos at their bridal party.

There are so many options available that it is best to communicate with industry professionals and review your options. This will ensure your day runs smoothly. You can get expert advice and guidance from professionals, whether you want to stay with the classics or add a modern touch to your day.

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