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How To Plan A Popcorn Bar For Your Wedding

More and more couples are choosing to include their beloved family pets in their wedding day festivities and if you have one that you would love to include, it is very possible to do. Your pet is indeed part of your family and you might feel the day would not be complete without having your dear pet there. If you are planning to include your pet there are some things that will require your thought and attention to do it so you, your guests and your pet are happy and safe throughout the wedding day events. Read on and I hope this will make it much fun and not much stress as you do this special thing of including your dear pet.

Think About the Personality of Your Pet

Will your pet be comfortable and well behaved around a crowd where he or she will not know all the attendees?Even though under most conditions pet is friendly might they be overwhelmed with all that is going on around him and not really like it.Most of all you want it to be an experience that your pet and you will enjoy.

A pet collar when you include your beloved pet in your wedding. Decide What Role Your Pet Will Play

First you must decide what kind of a ceremony you are having and is it appropriate that your pet should be part of it. As an example, in a upscale hotel setting it would probably not be a good thing and they may not even allow pets. However, if it is an outdoor, farmhouse or private estate wedding it would be up to you then to decide if you want your pet to participate. It is so important that you consider if your pet does bark a lot, meow a lot or is it general a nervous high strung personality. If you think it would be upsetting and a strain on your pet you should choose to not include him or her as it will make you nervous and your pet will be if you are.

Wedding Plans and a Pet to be Included

Your little girl dog or cat will look just right at the wedding. Well in advance of the wedding let your offciant, bridal attendants and those vendors you might have at your wedding that you will have a pet as part of the ceremonies or in attendance. Talk with them about whether they will have to do anything special because of that. The first very important rule is to have a good friend or a professional handler the pet is familiar with in charge and never leave the pet completely alone. Another thing is to consider any possible hazards at the wedding venue such as toxic plants, pesticides or other creatures your pet might find threatening or a distraction. Remind the florist you are using that for any kind of adornment for your pet, to use nontoxic materials in anything they might be wearing. Keep your pet someplace safe during the reception, especially dogs, so guests are not tempted to feed them little treats they should not have.

Here’s a tiny pillow for your pet to wear as he carries your rings down the aisle. Practice With Your Pet

If possible take the pet to the site a number of times before the actual wedding day and practice, practice, practice. If he or she will be a participant in the actual ceremony such as the ring bearer  make sure they are at the rehearsal and comfortable with the people who will be working with he or she on the wedding day itself. Be sure and have your pet groomed just prior to the day and be sure to keep any adornments minimal, easy to wear and don’t have them wear anything longer than is necessary for a happy you and a happy pet. You know that pets are more and more being considered an important family member and as such you want them as part of your very special day. I hope this is helpful as you choose to include your family pet in your wedding plans. Make any comments below if you have experienced a wedding where pets were indeed included and thanks so much.

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