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Romantic and Pretty Heart Shaped Cupcake Wedding Cake

Were you completely shocked when you found out how expensive a wedding cake is The cake alone can run you thousands of dollars if you want a really large, beautiful and delicious one… BUT you have options.

Get a much smaller cake

Get a generic cake that is nice but not the special cake you were dreaming of when you imagined your wedding. OR… Have a cupcake wedding cakeNow, before you start thinking I’m crazy that a cupcake wedding cake can’t be what you want (or if you don’t even know what a cupcake wedding cake is) please read on (and look at the photo gallery below).

What is a Cupcake Wedding Cake and Why You Would Want One

Cupcake Wedding Cake that’s Perfect for a Fall Wedding The essence of a cupcake wedding cake is that instead of a big cake that needs to be sliced into lot of cake slices (which the reception location will charge you to do) most or all of your cake are amazingly designed and wonderfully tasting cupcakes.And if you’re looking at having a different kind of a wedding then having a cupcake wedding cake will be just what you are looking for instead of the beautiful but dated traditional wedding cake; if you do this right everyone will remember it for a long time!Want some other reasons to have cupcake wedding cake?How about 7 more…Wedding cakes can be very expensive! They can cost at least from $4 per person (for the bottom end cake) and go up to $25 or more per person while professionally designed and made cupcakes usually cost $2 to $4 per cupcake.Cupcakes are easy to transport. Traditional wedding cakes can easily be damaged getting it to your wedding reception. It can get banged around, it can get too hot and start melting, it can be bigger, bulkier and heavier, and there are lots’ of ways to get damaged.Cupcakes however are usually boxed together in small, light groups. The tight, side by side position leaves little space for the cupcakes to slide and or to get dropped or bumped or any of the other things that can happen to a wedding cake.

Cupcake Wedding Cake with Amazing Frosting Flower

The typical wedding cake brings with it a time consuming, tedious, and delicate process of assembling and putting any finishing touches on it at your reception. More chance for problems and this definitely adds to the price. Cupcakes don’t need any assembling except for putting each cupcake on the cupcake stand which is much easier to do and much easier on your wedding budget as well.Cupcakes are much easier to serve. As I just mentioned, the cost and trouble of having a tradition wedding cake just doesn’t end with the purchase of the cake. In addition to those transportation fees and setup fees there are cake cutting and serving fees; I’ve seen the cake-cutting fee alone be over $3 per slice! With cupcakes they don’t need to be served and there are no cake cutting fees — obviously, since there’s nothing to cut!
It’s more convenient for guests. In addition to being easier to eat, if your guests just can’t fit in your cupcake after your fabulous reception dinner, they can easily pick one up on their way out and enjoy it at home.The typical wedding cakes are usually somewhat limitations in terms of flavor choices and combinations but, with cupcakes, you don’t have that limitation and, in fact, you can easily have multiple different flavors to satisfy the varying tastes of your guests. It’s a nice touch and your guests will appreciate your consideration and remember it.

Cute “His and Her” Cupcakes

Because cupcakes are individual serving the range of beautiful decorative  effects you can have are usually greater that with a cake that is meant to be one large decoration. There are some limitations with cupcakes but a lot less than with regular wedding cakes.So, as you can see, cupcake wedding cakes are a great way for you to have a fantastic and yummy wedding cake that is more pleasing to your guests and more forgiving to your budget.This begs the question… “why are you spending so much effort and money on a wedding cake that most guests either wont eat or just nibble on”With a cupcake wedding cake you can still have the gorgeous look, but without the expensive price and they’re more pleasing to your guests to top it off!Here is my gallery of cupcake wedding cake pictures of specially selected pictures I found on the Internet.

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