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Turn These Jars Into Stunning Wedding Decorations

My plans for this blog post was to cover country weddings.I will do that in the future, but in my research I found something I really wanted to write about now; that would be the many uses of simple Mason or Ball jars for your wedding decorations.And don’t think I’m crazy, just look at A-list actress Reese Witherspoon’s wedding the end of March where she featured mason jar decorations and centerpieces at her country themed wedding reception.Also, might I add she wore a pink wedding dress. Check out my article on the blog for “Pretty in Pink” wedding dresses.If you are planning a summer wedding, one with a country wedding  theme, or a really informal event and can find a quantity of used mason jars you are in luck.Here’s where to get them and what to do with them…You can save a lot of money on your jars by going to swap meets, flea markets and garage sales; you should be able to find a nice selection if you shop several places and the price you’ll have to pay will be dirt cheap.

Check Your Mason Jars Before Use

First, check each jar carefully before using them as they could have been damaged, cracked or chipped jars when they were exposed to heat or pressure.It is also important that make sure the lips of the jars don’t have and small cracks or chips that could hurt someone. Very carefully run your finger over the lip of the jar to make see if you feel anything, you can also cover your find with a small piece of cheesecloth or similar thing material to protect your finger.

How to Use Your Jars

Now that you have your jars and have check them here are some ideas for actually using of your mason jars:

A single jar in the center of the table and filled with sunflowers, mums, seasonal flowers and in you wedding theme colors looks really lovely.To dress it up a bit tie with tulle, raffia or ribbon.Another idea is to do a grouping of various sized jars and when filled with flowers creates a very dramatic wedding centerpiece.

As Candle Holders

Fill your ball or mason jar about a third full of a base material, some examples are sand, pasta, coffee beans, lavender petals or rock salt.Then place theme colored votives in them and you have a stunning and interesting candle holder.

As Wedding Favors

Pint jars are just the right size for small cookies or a selection of wrapped truffles or other chocolates.
A half pint jar filled with candy covered almonds, jelly beans or other hard candy and tied with ribbon or tulle in wedding theme colors is very festive looking.These jars can actually serve double duty as place cards by simply placing the name of a guest on each jar.

As Bar Ware

There are a few ways different sized jars become useful and fun at the bar. Two quart or larger use to hold and pour hard or soft ice tea,lemonade and premixed drinks. Smaller jars are great to hold swizzle sticks, olives, cherries or limes. While pint sized canning mason jars are a size for serving guests the ice tea, punch and lemonade (hard or soft).

At a Candy Buffet Table

Use at a Candy Buffet and as Wedding Favors

What could be more fun and also act as your wedding favors than a candy buffet?

Use all sizes of mason jars and fill them with anything from a variety of suckers to elegant chocolates and truffles.Be sure to have a basket of favor boxes or small favor pails (or use small jars with lids!) and have some scoops on the table so people can scoop out their favorite candies.Invite your guests to fill a container with the candy before they leave.This is but a few of the ways these wonderful mason jars can be used for your wedding decorations; ask friends for ideas and use your own along with them.Your wedding will be unique and you will have had a lot of fun in planning wedding decorations using mason jars.If you have any great wedding decorations ideas to contribute I ask that you please share them below and thank you.

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