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How To Include Your Family Pet In Your Wedding

An important part of any wedding planning is to make sure your bridal party is happy; they need to be taken care of both on your wedding day and leading up to it. While the two of you and your families are stressed as your big day approaches, don’t forget that your bridal party is often anxious as well.

You might wonder why?

Well, your bridal party has a number of duties as well as some expenses both during the wedding planning and the actual wedding.Below are some great ideas on how you can help your bridal party feel less stress and how you all can work together to make the day that perfect special wedding day. A good rule of thumb is for you and your fiance to think back on the experiences you’ve had as a part of a friend’s or family’s wedding.

Such as, were you left out of a fun time, maybe wedding dress shopping?

Did you feel like the groom neglected his ushers and you were one of them. If you think about how you felt, both good and bad, it will help you to be more thoughtful of your own wedding attendants and make their experience amazing.

Bridal Party Member Duties

From the very beginning, make sure that your bridal party knows what you’d like them to do from pitching in on decorating through choosing of the wedding day attire. This will save any misunderstanding and future stress. A good thing to do is to write out a wedding planning list for each attendant with their duties and don’t forget to include your events that they would be included in. This way they know well in advance and feel a part of the whole thing. Because you’ve asked them to stand up with you shows them that they hold a very special place in your heart so honor that by asking for ideas and advice as you go along in the wedding planning process. As busy as you will be, it is very important to keep your wedding party happy; that will certainly help make your wedding go more smoothly. Another thing to consider is to try and keep the costs down for your wedding attendants while having what you want for your wedding.

Typically, the bridal party members pay for:

Their attire including special shoes or other request from the bride and groom. Bridesmaid hairstyles. Transportation to and from the wedding. Accommodations for the wedding if required. Gifts for the showers and the wedding. These costs can add up quickly, so try to help them by recommending nice but inexpensive options like hotels and discount tuxedo rentals. It seems like a simple thing but do remember to say please and thank you when working with your wedding attendants; it will mean so much to each and every one of them.And never forget that your bridal party still have their own lives and responsibilities and be sure to check with them especially your maid of honor and best man as to if a certain day and time works for them. If you take these ideas and use them then you and your bridal party will arrive on your wedding day happy and excited and full of joy. IF you have any pleasant experience (or horror stories) about being part of a bridal party just share them with me and everyone else who reads this. Thanks.

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