Bride and groom with guests at wedding reception outside in the backyard.

How To Have A Fun Wedding

Weddingn rings right for your Thanksgiving wedding

You might be thinking about or planning a Thanksgiving wedding to incorporate this wonderful holiday along with your most special of days.It is not necessary to have the wedding exactly on Thanksgiving but choose a day which is near to the holiday itself.The neat part about this is that family and friends will be coming into town and you can have them as your wedding guests, too.Be very sure that you send out save the date cards as soon as you set the date to give your invited guests plenty of time to plan so they can be there.The cards can set the tone for the day by having them done in an ivory with perhaps an embossed autumn leaf and carry that through into your invitations.The colors for autumn are so rich and lovely and might include brown, tan, hunter green, rust, deep purple, cranberry, wine, orange or yellow.

Wedding Decorations:

When deciding on wedding decorations and centerpieces think fall flowers, seasonal fruits, vegetables, gourds, pumpkins and stalks of wheat, lovely berries and cornucopiasThankgiving candles as centerpieces at your receptionas containers for your arrangements.Place leaf and/or pumpkin shaped floating candles in clear containers and surround them with gold glittered beautiful fruits or vegetables of the season.Some suggestions for flowers are mums, daisies, roses, dahlias, orchids, hydrangeas, sunflowers, baby breath along with fall leaves, dried wheat and berries.

Wedding Food:

Just because it is a Thangsgiving theme don’t serve a traditional holiday dinner as your guests will be getting plenty of that and will welcome a change.Do food stations and have a pumpkin soup bar serving the soup in shot glasses to make it a bit different.Have a meat station with sides for your weddingHave a meat station and serve ham, beef or pork.Thanksgiving-type side dishes to follow the meat station would fit in rather well.

A pasta station would proabaly be a welcome change and who doesn’t like pasta?

Of course, a salad bar with a number of options and be sure to remember your vegetarian and vegan guests.A special dessert bar with some of Thanksgiving related items as pumpkin and pecan pies, ginger or any other favorite cookies, bread pudding and use your favorite desserts too.if you are having the reception going into the late evening surprise your guests with coffee and donuts or danish just before they depart. It will certainly be appreciated by all.

Wedding Cake:

A darker heavier cake would go well such as spice, pumpkin, carrot or most people’s choice a luscious dark chocolate. Even one layer could be a fruitcake.

Wedding Favors:

There are so many choices for favors that your guests would like such as caramel apples, hot chocolate mixes, small evergreen plants, wonderful cookies given in cute burlapSend your guests home with some wonderful honeysacks.Homemade jams, jelly or a unique kind of honey will be something tol use and enjoy.They will fondly think of the beautiful time they had at your Thanksgiving wedding day.Perhaps these ideas  will get your creative juices flowing and you will plan a most beautiful and wonderful Thanksgiving wedding and have great fun doing it.Please add any Thanksgiving wedding ideas you have to  help us with even more ways to make the day great and thanks so much.

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