You and your partner can spend a week on the beach, enjoy nature in a cabin in the forest, or choose to stay in the city and luxuriate in an apartment in a skyscraper. There are many things you can do to pass the time and create memories on your honeymoon.


A honeymoon is a great way to start your married life. They’re a great way to end the wedding festivities and begin married life. Funnekotter adds that honeymoons are essential because they provide much-needed time away from the wedding. They also give couples time to spend with each other and create a bond for the rest of their lives.


Wedding planning can be exciting and fun, but it can also cause a lot of stress for a couple. You can rekindle romance during your honeymoon. There are no decisions to be made, appointments to be made, or dress fittings that need to take place. Losari Retreat offers “ultimate comfort in a private and quiet location,” which is the perfect atmosphere for spending time with your loved one. Funnekotter says that the stunning views of the dams and the property make it the ideal place to relax after a long day planning and organizing your event.


Make sure you allow yourself enough time to enjoy your honeymoon. Funnekotter suggests that four to six nights is the perfect amount of time. It’s not possible to do it in just a few days. You have to explore the area and spend time with your partner. Funnekotter concurs that a road trip is the quintessential WA adventure. We would recommend you choose a destination where you can relax and indulge while on your trip.

LOVE Is An Adventure

You can plan a honeymoon that is both leisurely and adventurous. Funnekotter says that it’s important to not only have a great place to stay but also to have tours, activities, and experiences nearby.

You’ll likely plan your honeymoon while you are planning your wedding. Do yourself a favor and find out the best way to add these activities. Funnekotter suggests that you find a place to book the in-house experiences and treatments with your accommodation. Losari, for instance, can plan your itinerary for you via our website and book in-house chefs, treatments at spas, and more so that you don’t need to!



Explore the area you are visiting and discover what it offers. You might want to see a few galleries, as well as the city’s famous landmarks, bars, and boutiques. There’s a lot to do at the beach in the Southwest. “From jet ski tours to Whale Watching, zip lining though the forests, to horse riding, canoeing, and kayaking along Margaret River.” Funnekotter advises. If you are an active couple, consider hiking our Cape to Cape Trail. We offer gourmet experiences in world-class wines scattered across the region.


A holiday would not be complete without great food. Nothing can warm your heart like a delicious meal. It will also make you feel closer to that special person. Ask the staff of your accommodation for recommendations if you are visiting a new town or area. They will be able to tell you where to find the best places to eat. Losari Retreat boasts that it has “too much to list!” “Brunches at the beach, check.” Check. Gourmet degustation and wine pairings. “We also offer wine and chocolate tastings,” Funnekotter adds. We offer gourmet cooking classes, degustations, and local pub food. “The Southwest is your oyster.”


Just the two of us

The most important part of your honeymoon, besides the spa treatments and hiking through unknown lands, is spending time with your spouse. As long as the main purpose of the honeymoon is to spend quality time together, Funnekotter says, the bells and whistles may not seem as important. These little extras are still fun and will provide you with many memories as you age. Make sure that you find a place to immerse yourself in privacy fully. You should be fine.

Funnekotter says that at the end of your honeymoon, you should “have fun and make memories that will last forever.”

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