Antique place settings for wedding reception

Creative Wedding Themes For Every Style

As the guests arrive at your reception after the ceremony, one of the first things they will see is your wedding table centerpieces. Here is your chance to show off your wedding theme colors and personality. Take advantage of the bright summer flowers that are plentiful at this particular time of the year. For a casual or beach wedding buy children’s tin sand pails. Fill each one about half way with clean sand you can find at home improvement stores. and place the shovel into the sand. Put a nice pillar candle in the center and surround it with clean, attractive sea shells. Be careful of the flame if it is a plastic shovel and not a metal one. You can also do seasonal flower arrangements in the buckets for a more traditional centerpiece and place thr shovel in the arrangement. Use your theme colors as much as possible. For a different and striking summer centerpiece try fresh fruit in tall clear vases.

Fill the container with pretty lemons and limes. To add a great look, slice some lemons and limes and pack them down around the sides so it shows the lovely slices. This would look its very best in tall clear cylindrical vases. Live herbs in baskets can act as a centerpiece and at the end of the evening become a wedding favor. Buy small plastic lined baskets and plant the herbs in these baskets, then arrange them as centerpieces with perhaps a miniature rosebush or other small flowering plant in the center. Invite the guests to choose one at the end of the party. Floating candles in heat resistant containers along with gardenia blossoms or rose petals is romantic and inexpensive. Use unscented candles if your flowers are scented and very gently float the flowers on the water. You might even use some food coloring in your theme colors in the containers. For a more formal wedding, calla lilies are quite trendy now and look simply elegant. Don’t worry about them getting in the way of the guests being able to see each. They are so narrow that they are not a problem. Use narrow tall vases and choose 3 beautiful lilies.

Arrange them together and wrap the three stems with wide, white satin ribbon. To help hold them straight add rocks or white crystals to the vase. Sunflowers are the perfect summer flower and you can have one large flower in a tall thin vase, or a number of smaller ones in containers of your choice. It might be fun to scatter sunflower seed around the vases. This would be an especially appropriate centerpiece at an Americana theme or a very casual reception. A centerpiece of all candles is always mood setting and less expensive. Buy a number of candles for each centerpiece in a variety of shapes and sizes and in your theme colors. Arrange them on a reflective mirror and scatter silk rose petals or sparkle confetti around them. Be sure that the petals are not near the open flame. Self-standing paper lanterns as a centerpiece is very striking and surround them with flowers or greenery for a finished look. If your theme is western or southwest, using cactus and succulents as centerpieces is inexpensive and would certainly fit with your wedding theme. Last but not least, the wedding table centerpieces should be an extension of you and your groom. There are so many great ideas for a summer wedding and use these ideas and your creativity to make it a lasting memory.

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