Come Caveside


There are no two weddings or couples that are alike. With a venue like a cave, you can make your celebrations as special as the couple. The rugged landscape offers an amazing blank canvas to capture some of the most memorable moments in life. Villanova explains, “We have seen so many incredible styling options.” The Cabaret Cave at Yanchep Inn is stunning on its own, and you won’t be disappointed even if you don’t add anything to it. She continues, “Previously, we had Viking, Game of Thrones and enchanted forests, Star Wars, Steampunk, Disney, and Disney-themed rooms.” “[The space] lends to so many themes, so if you want to include something, do it. If it’s not important to you then let it go.”

A cave is a timeless venue that can be adapted to any theme. Villanova believes that there is a place for every style. “People come to us looking for something new, both for themselves and their guests. The Cabaret cave has become a popular venue for many people.



The wedding venue you choose can be a spectacular place for all your photos and music. The main entrance of the cave, with its fairy lights, wide red carpet, and acoustic guitar, is magical. It’s a great photo opportunity to capture the bride and groom as they enter the main cavern. Villanova says that there is a secret area in the cave where photographers can sneakily take couples for a quiet moment. The Yanchep National Park’s lakefront is the perfect backdrop for many couples to hold their ceremony. It is also a nice contrast to the cave where the reception usually takes place. Villanova says that while the reception is a major part of wedding planning, the ceremony will take center stage on the big day.


A cave’s natural acoustics are also perfect for an event. Villanova confirms that music can be a powerful tool to personalize an occasion and make it memorable. “A Star Wars first light sabre dance is definitely something that sticks out in my mind!”


Up-lighting also has a big impact on the cave, and soft white lighting and an abundance of candles create a magical atmosphere throughout the venue.

The space’s lack of reception is perhaps the most amazing feature. This forces your guests to put their phones away for the duration of your event, allowing you and your partner to enjoy every moment together.


The whole package

The Yanchep Inn is a heritage-listed hotel that has food and beverage operations located on-site. The Yanchep team will ensure that all rooms at the venue are reserved exclusively for wedding guests when couples book their wedding. Villanova explains that the included package includes a classic wedding, with finishing touches such as bombonieres, place cards, and other small tokens guests notice. It also creates table centerpieces, tablescapes, and centerpieces. Couples can also choose from a range of menus as part of the package. These can be customized to meet dietary needs and other requirements.


Villanova herself confirms that the venue is spectacular. “But what guests remember are the good vibes of the friendly service, great meal, and time spent with loved ones.” Consider a wedding venue that reflects your unique personality, that of your partner, and that of your relationship. It should be a place that is remembered by future couples. Villanova says that they want everyone to leave the wedding thinking, “That was the best one!” They offer delicious food, wonderful drinks, beautiful surroundings, and friendly service.

Remember that it’s your special day, and you should celebrate it in a manner that is truly yours. The caves of your dreams are now within reach, from the beautiful, repurposed Cave of Ristorante Palazzese in Apulia It to The Kangaroo Valley Bust Retreat in New South Wales.

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