Colour Across The Canvas

A knack for the arts has long been one of Wilson’s greatest strengths, as growing up, she remembers always creating something. However, it wasn’t until she reached high school that Wilson started painting. When her artwork titled ‘Afterglow’ was accepted into the 2021 Pulse Perspectives, Wilson realized the extent of her talent. She was later inspired to start her business as a live wedding painter after coming across a video of an artist online doing exactly that. The process immediately caught Wilson’s attention. “This blew my mind, and I went straight to practice!” she says. Now, Wilson works hard to deliver stunning works of art to her couples, going out to weddings and creating pieces that truly capture their connection. Her knowledge in the field makes her an excellent candidate to guide us through a day in the life of a live wedding painter.

Capture The Unimaginable

For those unaware, a live wedding painting is – in the words of Wilson – “a professional-grade artwork, usually done with acrylic or oil paints, depicting a specific moment at a wedding celebration in front of a life audience.” Most of the painting is done on the day, with studio touch-ups allowed depending on what package you purchase. “The main goal of couples who engage live painters is to immortalise the most significant elements of their wedding in a way that most photographers might not be able to,” says Wilson.

Wilson goes on to explain that through painting, she can include or exclude whatever elements a couple may request. She notes that she can easily contain beloved pets or deceased family members, or she may exclude guests from the painting and solely depict the intimacy between a couple alone, such as during their ceremony or first dance. This leaves you and your partner with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind memory of your big day.

Making The Magic Happen

The process of hiring a live wedding painter – like much of your wedding – will require some planning and forethought. Luckily, Wilson is happy to break down the steps involved when it comes to her couples. “You can lock in the date by paying a 20% deposit and providing a signed contract,” she says. Wilson will have a quick consultation over the phone with her couples before arranging a more in-depth session with them to develop their piece around two to three weeks out from the wedding. “We will talk about your wedding day priorities including colours, settings, postures and other details,” she explains.

On the day, Wilson will arrive one to two hours before the ceremony begins to start painting the background of your requested scene, meaning that the painting will already be in process as guests arrive. She will then take photos and videos of your chosen scene to look back on. This allows Wilson to start then drawing the outlines on the canvas before she can begin painting you and your new spouse.

Wilson notes that she will continue painting from there for around six to seven hours. “Your painting will be nearly finished by the time the night is out, and I’ll come to find you to show it to you before I go,” she assures. Wilson then takes home the painting, putting in another four to five hours doing finishing touches in the studio. Before the painting is sealed with varnish, she will send you a photo, ensuring that she has acquired your final approval. At this point, couples can then come and pick up their stunning new painting to take home.

With Every Brushstroke

If you’re considering hiring a live wedding painter for your big day, you will certainly not be alone. More and more couples are opting for this extraordinary service as a way to have an everlasting memory of their wedding. “A painting has a unique character that a camera simply cannot capture,” notes Wilson. “I think that art has a remarkable ability to unite people, present things in fresh ways, and arouse gratitude. I will portray the mood of the day in my distinctive artistic manner as your very own personal portrait painter, all the while entertaining your guests as they see the wedding painting come to life,” she says.

Wilson leaves us with her most crucial piece of advice for couples who want to book her services. “Put a deposit down. I’ve had many people who missed out due to a high volume of enquiries. I note to couples that dates book out quickly, so I could be available for their date one day, and unavailable the next. After a deposit is made, they can relax knowing that they are booked in, and their creativity can go wild for what they want to be painted,” she says.

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