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edding FlowersThe latest trend in Fall wedding flowers is about texture. You have rich colors and shades and lush petals and textures to choose from.Rather than the usual two or three types of flowers have a mix of blooms that coordinate with your color theme.As an example start with a base of lovely classic flowers and add in a mix of feathery and velvety flowers as cockscomb or crocosmia.You might even add non floral touches as lotus pods, fiddlehead fern, berries or wheat stalk.

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When you want a dramatic look poppies with dark centers do just that and in your theme colors or a color that coordinates with your colors.While the trend foR is toward texture your classic flowers in rich hues are still a choice for Fall weddings this year.The Jewel Tones of These Flowers are Perfect for Your Fall WeddingColor is so important as the season changes to deep, gorgeous and sometimes jewel tone shades and you have a huge variety from which to plan and design your floral decorations.As mentioned the classic Fall colors are probably first choice, but consider more unexpected shades and colors such as copper, forest green, deep purple or plum.One of the lovliest Fall flowers and gaining in popularity these days are calla lilies and they come in a number of colors even deep crimson and purple.Hydrangeas are in season and make beautiful centerpiece arrangements and bridal bouquets. They can be found in greens, purples and white.Consider non seasonal succulents as a wonderful idea for a Fall centerpiece. They come in Fall hues such as deep purple, pomegranite, cactus green and other appropriate colors for a Fall wedding.

A beuatiful structured bridal bouquet for a Fall wedding

These centepieces would be especially great for outdoor, casual or wedding held in the Southwest area.
Fall wedding bouquets are more structured than the spring and Summer bouquets tend to be more  densely packed or dome-shaped bouquets. Also have the florist wrap the stems in a textured ribbon or scarf in your theme colors.The containers you use for your Fall flowers can be anything from wood, copper, antique urns or silver trophy cups to the more typical glass vase.Unusual baskets or an arrangement pouring out of a cornucopia will also be in keeping with the Fall season. Friuts, gourds, nuts or a combination of these set on a bed of Fall colored leaves is really stunning.Your choice of flowers for the Fall season will depend on the area you live in. Ask your florist or local grower which flowers are abundant, in-season and inexpensive.I think you will be very pleasantly surprised by the selection, colors and textutes there are and remember you have the Fall leaves, gourds and berries, fruits and vegetables to also select from and use.Whether it is small large, formal, informal, indoors or outdoors be creative, be a bit daring and have fun with whatever you choose for your Fall wedding flower.With Fall weddings being planned maybe you have other good ideas to help out. Comment below and thanks!

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