Best Wedding Centerpiece Ideas For Summer

A wonderful way for you to say “thank you for spending our wedding day with us,” is to give your guests favors. Here are some inexpensive wedding favors ideas that might be just what you are  looking  for.

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1. Buy small picture frames and use them as place marks with the guest’s name in the frame. After the reception they can take them home and perhaps put a picture from your wedding in it.
2. Get a small votive candle for each guest. Buy the little paper umbrellas and add a tag with the guest’s name on it, then stick one in each candle.
3. Find nice bookmarks, the kind that clip on to the page. Then buy place mark cards and write the name of the guest on a card. After being a place mark for the day, they can take the wedding bookmark favors home for their use.
4. Sugar almonds are a traditional favor going back over 3000 years to Greece. Five almonds were wrapped in small boxes or ribbon tied netting. They were given to each guest to represent health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity for the newlyweds.
5. Here’s a really neat idea to make a candle. Buy inexpensive wine glasses at a discount store and fill them with sand wax in your theme color. Stick a wick in each, and seal the whole thing by melting some of the wax in a sauce pan and pouring it over the sand to seal it. Be sure the glass can take the heat of the melted wax before pouring.
6. Along the same line, buy low-cost champagne glasses and fill them with candy kisses or wrapped mints, and wrap tulle around the opening of the glass, then tie with a pretty ribbon in your theme colors to make edible wedding favors.
7. A small bud vase tied with a tulle or satin ribbon and a single flower placed in it is a lovely keepsake they can take home with them.
8. Here’s an idea that can be used as a decoration at the reception, and be a favor for each guest at the same time. Buy small potted plants, flowers or herbs and use in the reception area letting each guest choose one to take home at the end of the day.
9. Create great looking eco-friendly wedding favors that have both natural beauty and appeal. Get some unique wild flower seeds and some nice paper and seal the seeds in the paper. For example, using pink and sage papers with a heart design looks beautiful. Green, or as eco-conscious, favors show your love for each other, your guests and the environment.Now if you have a theme that you want to use throughout the day, then you must be creative and find something fun as a wedding favor that includes your theme.Remember that your wedding favors ideas are very personal and it lets your guests know this is from your heart to theirs.

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