Best Ways To Write Wedding Invitations

There are a couple of questions you’ll hear frequently when you help people find the perfect invitation for their wedding. One of the most common, however, is how do I word my wedding invitation? This can seem like a tricky portion of the task, but in fact it is rather easy. Today we are going to take a detailed look at the steps you need to follow to successfully write a wedding invitation. Each step will be broken down so that you can understand why each piece of the puzzle clearly.

Step 1

Decide How to Start the Wedding Invitation. Starting is often the most difficult part of any new task. So, how do you start a wedding invitation. This is in fact the simplest portion of the whole procedure. And here is why, the first line almost always (in the traditional formal style) starts with the names of the bride or sometimes the groom’s parents. Traditionally, the bride’s parents are used.Now we will cover the steps to writing the fitting wording. When we’re all done we’ll have a perfect invitation template you can customize for your wedding.

Step 2

If you recall from step one, we will need to decide how to start the wedding invitation. This can either be with the names of the bride’s parents or those of the groom’s. THe next step builds off of your decisions here. For the sake of simplicity we will choose the traditional version and continue from here with the bride’s parents.Request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter Since this is a formal form of invitation you need to address the guests with respect. This is why you are using words like “honor” and “presence.”

Step 3

Now it is time for your names. The bride’s name will always come before the groom’s name in a formal wedding invitation. If you choose to celebrate a non-standard wedding you can place the names in whichever order you prefer but for this example it will look like this: So far so good, now let’s put the crucial pieces of information on the invitation and we’re almost ready.

Step 4

Make sure you double check your date and time before you finalize your order. You may be surprised to learn that the wrong date has been added to an invitation before. Let’s make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Since this is a formal wedding invitation you will want to make sure that you write all of the numbers out. This makes the invitation look nicer and seem more inviting. Remember when you write a double digit number out that you include a hyphen between the two values. See the example for clarification.

Step 5

Since this is a wedding invitation you will need to include another “where,” this pertains to the wedding reception. Unlike the time, you will need to use the numerical representation of the numbers in the address. It would be difficult for your guests to find the church if you spelled the address out. So here you need to use the numbers for clarity.

Step 6

All invitations of a formal nature, no matter if they are a wedding invitation or another form need to include an RSVP for completeness. The RSVP card is word in much the same way as a wedding invitation, though you will notice that it is much more condensed. All you need to ask for is their attendance. Make sure that you include a self addressed stamped envelope for the RSVP to ensure that your potential guests do not have an excuse to not send it back. Some wedding planners also suggest adding an alternative means of communication on the RSVP in the form of a telephone number or email address. This is entirely up to you, and since the RSVP, unlike the wedding invitation, is more condensed its inclusion is less distracting.

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