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Best Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas

An Inexpensive Candle Wedding Centerpiece

It has been quite a while since I wrote on inexpensive wedding centerpieces, so I thought that now, as the wedding season begins to go into full swing, would be a great time to share with you 10 of my very favorite wedding centerpiece ideas.I’m sure you’ll find at least one of them that you love as much as I do and, often, just by being exposed to new ideas it will start your own creative thoughts to come and you will expand on some of the ideas you read about; if you do be sure to share them down below in the comments.So here you go, just read on for 10 ideas that I really think you’ll really like!

1. Inexpensive Individual Vases

Go to your local 99 cent store, discount store or a swap meet and look for small vases that you can group as a centerpiece. Get as many for the table as you will have guests seated there.Then, buy fresh flowers that are in season and would match your theme colors from a local nursery or flower mart.Place whatever number of blooms you decide on in the vases and arrange them attractively in the center of the tables.At the end of the evening invite your guests to each take one and it then acts as your wedding favor also.

2. Martha Stewart Method

A Cheerful Sunflower Wedding CenterpiecePlace one or two flowers in a vase and arrange one or more vases as you desire on the table for an informal and colorful centerpiece look.

Using a method Martha Stewart describes:

Give glass containers a lit-from-within look with our simple technique: Pour 1/4 inch of glass paint into a bottle or jar, and rotate it slowly, moving the paint around until the whole interior is coated.Set the bottle upside-down to allow excess paint to drain out. Turn right-side up, and let dry overnight.Complete the look with place cards made of metallic and translucent paper circles strung like beads on silver thread.

3. Flower Pots

For a more informal wedding theme, buy flowers of varying small sizes in pots and place the pots according to their size in white paper bags.Then using your theme colors loosely pull together the tops and tie with tulle, satin or burlap ribbon. Your choice!!

4. Candles and Mirrors

Skip the flowers altogether and buy lovely pillar candles in different heights and arrange a good number of them on a reflective round unframed mirror in the center of the table.The reflection on the mirror gives a romantic and soft glow to the room.

5. Winter Kisses

For your Winter wedding buy some inexpensive martini glasses at a discount store. Then, very securely, place silver tapers in the center of the glass.Surround with silver wrapped candy kisses and little sprigs of greenery for a most elegant look and inexpensive also.

6. “Fishy Flowers”

Look for a discount store or Good Will and get two or three different sizes of fish bowls that will stack securely on top of each other.Choose your theme colored flower or flowers and place in each bowl with a bit of water to keep the flowers fresh and then stack from the largest to the smallest on top of each other.

7. Classic Romance

Candles Make a Romantic Centerpieces Go formally classic on this most romantic of day in the easiest way possible.Either ask family and friends to borrow their lovely silver of glass candelabras or you can purchase them from a thrift or discount store.Then buy tapers in your theme colors or whatever colors you choose.Place on reflective unframed mirrors in the center of the table and there you go. It is more interesting with the holders being different sizes and shapes.The number of candelabras you choose would depend on the size and shape of the tables. If the candle holders are smaller than more than one would be lovely attractively arranged on each table.They are particularly beautiful on long tables as you place them down the length of the table.

8. It’s Party Time!

When planning a light casual fun wedding theme a great idea is to simply arrange a number of paper windmills in an interesting container and scatter confetti around the containers for a more finished look.

9. Simply Elegant or Elegantly Simple

Using different heights of clear cylindrical vases choose different kinds of candies in you theme colors and place a different kind in each container.

Make it interesting by not feeling them at the same heights.

At the end of the day have available, scoops to fit each container and small favor bags or boxes and invite your guests to take there choices as their wedding favor.

10. Nature’s Bounty

Use Seasonal Vegetables for a Great Inexpensive Wedding CenterpieceFill a large clear tall bowl or cylindrical container with apples of different varieties and try to match your wedding theme colors if possible; make sure there are no bruises or unattractive marks on them.Use various kinds of nuts in shells and sprigs of greenery or for a more formal look silver or gold leaves add that extra special look.
As a reminder if you use seasonal flowers, fruits, vegetables,  greenery and things you can buy that are local to your area it will keep the cost down.As you can see most anything goes when you are creative and want to stay within your centerpiece budget.Your wedding centerpieces will be wonderful and inexpensive and you can have fun creating and making themPlease share below with any wedding centerpiece ideas you might have to help other brides who reads this and many thanks!!

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