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A  very important part of choosing your wedding flowers is selecting the flowers for your church altar. You want a lovely setting for exchanging your vows and you want it to express your theme and wedding colors. If your wedding is a seasonal wedding such as a Valentine or holiday theme do take that into consideration when deciding on the altar flowers and decorations. These flowers will set the tone for your aisle or pew flowers as well. You also want the church altar flowers to reflect the ambiance of your church and the formality of your wedding so there are thing to be considered. Let’s look at some things you need to think about.

Church Flower Restrictions

Some churches have restrictions on the size and type of floral arrangements that may be used for weddings as well as how flowers may be displayed. Ask about any restrictions long before planning the church flowers and decorations to make sure there are no conflicts. At this time, ask about your setup and clean up responsibilities and when wedding decorations may be placed in the church. Be sure to do this so that there will not be additional stress on you during this hectic time.

Options on Wedding Flower Arrangements

The flower arrangements will depend on the altar structure and size. And the options will also depend on what you have budgeted for this part of your flowers.
Table vases filled with pretty flowers is the easiest and least expensive way to go; it also give you the option of doing double duty by being removed and taken to the reception area and used as reception flowers. Floor urns are usually used more in larger churches where there is more space to see them and they do make a very dramatic display; certainly more so than a simple vase.

A Lovely Cascade of Flowers and Candles for A Church Wedding Altar

Table cascades are quite lovely and can very easily decorate any size altar; they can combine flowers and greenery and look very lush. Unity candle arrangements, if you are planning one, might be a  floral arrangement with the candle holders incorporated into the arrangement on a unity candle table near the altar. If you are on a rather tight budget take that into consideration and choose seasonal flowers and since guests will be seeing them from a distance pick easier to see larger blooms to fill out arrangements. Use fillers to give your flowers height and volume for minimal costs. Ivy, ferns, baby’s breath, carnations, hydrangea, and other inexpensive flowers and greenery can be very lovely and make arrangements larger and fuller. Again, decorations you can take to the reception area from the church will save you a lot of money on the long run. Along with having your flowers blend with your wedding colors take advantage of the church’s natural decor such as carpeting, stained glass windows and woods to enhance your wedding decorations.

Beautiful Wreathes to Grace the Church Doors on Your Wedding Day 

If you want to be a bit different, need to really keep costs down, or just want something unique, then here are some ideas for you. Evergreen or ivy topiaries are very attractive and are especially nice at a fall and winter wedding. Seasonal options such as palms near Easter, holly in the winter, or colored autumn leaves for fall will give you wonderful choices to decorate the altar area with. Decorative candle arrangements, particularly for evening events, lend a soft and elegant light to the ceremony and altar. After the altar flowers, you might think about placing entrance urns or topiaries on each side of the entrance door or a beautiful wreath on the church door itself. How about silk rose petals lining the aisle you will be walking down? There you go, a number of ideas to help you plan and choose the decorations and your wedding altar flowers so that special place where you’ll be exchanging your wedding vows will be just as amazing as your wedding. Please share any other ideas you have or have seen in the comments below and many thanks.

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