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Best Tips To Keep Your Wedding Day Stressful

Fun With A Wedding Checklist

There are so many lists of “to do” ‘and “don’t forgets” available to you after the engagement and as you start your wedding planning, but here is a list of 12 things you usually do not see on most lists.Not all of these tips will be applicable to  you but it is certainly worth reading and  applying those that suit you.Anything that will help the stress and strain of  planning the “just right” wedding for the two of you is worth taking the time to do, don’t you agree? You should consider and check off the things on this list before that walk down the aisle.

OK  here they are just for you!!

1. Reassure Those you Care About

Often Mom, Dad, sister, brother and best friend fear there will be a change in their relationship with you once you say “I do” so you need to reassure them no change will be coming.

2 Hair and Make-up.

Have a DIY plan if something goes wrong with your hair or make-up on your wedding day. Carry with you your own make-up or hair necessities so you can repair or fix something that might not be right for you and not be what you really want.A romantic dinner out for your date night

3. Date Night

You and your fiance plan a date night where you go out and you talk about things he would really like to talk about. Only mention wedding if it is part of what he wants to talk about.

4. Taste Tests

This is a fun one, as you should taste test food or drink you are planning to serve at your wedding to make sure it passes your taste test.

5. Down the Aisle

Talk with the person or persons who will be walking you down the aisle as to how they should take your arm while taking into consideration the bouquet.If you have a train on your dress you need to be sure that they are aware of that so it isn’t stepped on. This may sound silly, but I assure you there have been times when things have happened during this important part of the ceremony.

6. Time to Bond

Take the time to truly bond with the gals you have chosen to be your bridesmaids. They are important to you and will be a big help so let them know how special it is to you.

7. One Checking Account

Discuss the joining of your finances if you haven’t already. This way when you start receiving checks as a wedding gift they will automatically go into the one account.

8. Flats for Dancing

Buy a comfortable pair of flats or wedding flip flops to change into. Choose something that will go nicely with your dress so when the dancing starts you will be comfortable and have a really good time without aching feet.Have a photo of the proposal as one of your engagement pictures

9. Engagement Photos

If you are not doing a formal engagement shoot with a photographer, please do an informal one with a friend who is good at taking meaningful pictures. I read somewhere this statement “You can never have too many photos of you and your fiance looking young and in love!” and that’s the truth.

10. Pre-Wedding Jitter

If you have any hidden fears, feelings of stress or concerns about marriage then face them head-on with and without your fiance. Pre-wedding anxiety is very normal as we know we are making a lifelong commitment. Talk to persons whom you trust and respect their advice. The main thing is talk about it.

11. Time for You

This one is very important to keeping your stress level at a minimum and that is to sneak in every so often some alone time. Take a very deep breath and just spend time with yourself. That means no wedding planning list, table numedr and seating charts.

12. The Wedding Kiss

Here a really fun one but no joking. The two of you practice “the kiss” a whole lot. It can’t hurt!!
I promise if you try to follow these suggestions you and your day will be the beneficiaries of less stress, more fun and the total joy.

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