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When you and a close family member or a close friend are planning weddings at the same time maybe a double wedding is just right for the two of you.Nothing could bind the  both of you together in the future more than sharing your wedding day with each other.The plans for a double wedding can definitely be cost effective but they also comes with a variety of issues, including: extra time (plan 1 to 1 /1/2 years ahead); an abundance of patience and compromise; and, most of all, that both couples and their extended wedding parties, really care for each other and want a double wedding.Below are some of the most important things you’ll have to do and consider to make your double wedding much more memorable and fun, much easier and less stressful for everyone involved…

Here are 9 key things you need to do in the order you need to do them.

1. Have a Joint Wedding Budget

A wedding budget must be agreed upon by all concerned and each should share equally in all costs unless, before one penny is spent, you ALL are in accord on a different arrangement for your own reasons.You might agree that, for example, if there are to be 100 guests invited and you were inviting 60 of them you should pay for 60% of the wedding costs.

2. Picking the Date and Time

Best to start with the season of the year the wedding will take place and from there to a date which must be agreed upon by all 4 of you.

3. Now to Choose your Venue

There are a few things to be taken into consideration such as a place to accommodate both couples guests.A place where 2 aisles can be formed or there is already 2 aisles set up so both can enter at the same time.If that is not possible make sure the aisle is wide enough so that 2 persons can walk down it side by side and comfortably.If that is not going to work limit the number to a maid of honor, one bridesmaid, a best man and one groomsman per couple.Bridesmaids for double wedding to attend both brides

4. Deciding on your Bridal Party

Unless you really want to, it is not necessary to have 2 sets of bridal party members.If you are so close that you want a double wedding you probably have many if the same close friends and relatives and can have a single bridal party for both of you.

5. Choosing your Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitation should be unique to the occasion and you may want to write your own words to be sure names and all details are as all of you wish it to be.These can be ordered via the internet or from a trusted local stationery company.

6. Planning the Wedding Ceremony

If each couple is a different religion often the double wedding will be a civil ceremony with a religious ceremony at a separate time for immediate family and closest for friends.Another option is to find a religious leader to agree to marry both even if different religions.Lastly, each religious leader will marry their couple along side other.

7. Your Wedding Reception

Decorations, themes and colors must be discussed and agreed upon well in advance and remember that with a double wedding compromise is a major thing to getting it all to go smoothly and making it easy on all involved.You will need to agree on things to happen such as how to receive guests, cutting the cake, having the first dance, when and how pictures will be taken.Some couples say the older of the bride’s goes first and other choose to alternate the events as to who goes first.This is something that you need to talk over and decide on well in advance.

8. Giving out your Wedding Favors

The best way to give out these thank you’s for coming to our wedding is to give 1 favor combining the 2 couples so they will really remember the special event this is for both couples and them.A bottle stopper wedding favor is a nice reminder of the dayA small picture frame with the 4 of you together in it.Coasters with all of your names, the date or a picture of you on it.Some token that will include the closeness of both couples as they choose to be married at the same wedding.

9. Double Wedding Etiquette

This is a most important part and will help problems from coming up to cause stress and unpleasant moments on a day when it should be so special.A guest has an option of giving just 1 gift to the couple that they know best. However, if they know each equally well than split the cost of what you would spend on 1 gift.On the other hand many guests simply buy each couple as thought it were 2 separate weddings they were invited to.When registering for gifts you each need to take into consideration that the guests will perhaps be buying 2 gifts and choose cost effective items along with more expensive ones.
The most crucial thing you need to recognize when deciding on and planning a double wedding is communication with all 4 of you that will be taking your vows together.This is important whether it is choosing the wedding march music to financial disagreement and all things in between.If you can have fun planning and keep things civil you can make it a truly memorable and fun day for you and the guests who are lucky enough to attend your dream double wedding.Let me hear from you bride’s that have had a double wedding or are planning one and can give us more help and ideas to make it all wonderful for the couples and thanks so much.

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