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Best Tips for Picking Your Bridal Party

Wedding food stations are such a wonderful way to have great wedding food on a small budget. In part 1, Food Stations are Perfect for Smaller Weddings Too, we looked at some food stations, and some inexpensive suggestions for a Salad Station, Soup Station and a Pasta Station. And food stations aren’t just for larger weddings but that’s really not true. In this blog post we’re going to look at some more food stations and some of the choices you have in each one. Before we start I want to make sure you don’t forget that that you can plan your food stations to be it as elaborate or simple as your budget all Remember that the important thing is to make it an interesting and good time for your wedding guests. Let’s begin our look some food stations. Food Stations Cheese and Cold Meats Station Tasty Wedding Cheese Platter Another station that is quick, easy, and inexpensive to have is a cheese and cold meats station. Providing a variety of cold meats and cheese with bread and rolls lets your guests create their own culinary masterpieces based upon their own personal preferences; gone are the days of the choice between rubber chicken and “what is that” meat.

Some meat options you can include:

If you want to be health friendly then the first 3 are healthier choices; you can get a very extensive list of meat choices at Wikipedia.

Some cheese options you can include:

Mozzarella Swiss Sharp Cheddar Provolone Pepper Jack American Really any hard cheese will work although some softer cheeses also work well. Offer a Fantastic Selection of Breads

Some bread options you can include:

Country,  French, Honey Oat, Rye, Sourdough, White, Whole Grain If you want to add a few different breads you can have some artisan or herb breads.

Next thing you want to have are an assortment of vegetables, some of the vegetable choices are:

Tomatoes, Lettuce, Onion, Green peppers, Olives, Pickles For a few special choices add banana peppers, cucumbers, avocado, and jalapeno peppers. And, of course, include condiments like mayo, ketchup, and mustard (include several types like regular, spicy, honey, etc.); add some other choices like: relishes, chipotle, sweet onion, horseradish, hummus, guacamole, pesto, balsamic vinaigrette, ranch dressing.

Carving Station

Prime Rib at a Carving Station, If your wedding budget allows, a carving station can be a terrific addition to your wedding reception.

Some meat options you can include:

BBQ beef brisket, Beef sirloin, Beef tenderloin, Corned beef or pastrami, Glazed ham, Grilled chicken breast, Prime rib, Roast pork loin, Roast turkey, Roast Beef.

Include some complementary sauces like:

If you want to branch out some, try:  Black Walnut, Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Mint, Egg Nog, French Vanilla, Peppermint Stick or do a little research for some more exotic choices.

You’re going to want to have cones and dishes and obvious toppings like:

One suggestion would be to open your ice cream bar towards, or about an hour before the reception ends. By this time your guests have danced away their dinner and get hungry again, so having your ice cream bar for those still celebrating is a great ending to your wedding. If you do that, factor in that people will leave early so just order for only half your guests. Once I’ve started going it’s hard for me to stop because there are so many great stations and wonderful ideas. So, I’m going to continue this in my next blog post so I’ll see you in a few days with more wedding food stations.

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