Best Tips For Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Planning a dream wedding takes time to get right. Having a dream wedding also takes a little bit of luck and a whole lot of personality. The reason is simple. Getting your dream wedding right isn’t a formula that you can take from other couples’ weddings and apply to your own. A dream is something very personal, and it is very much tailored to who you are as a couple.

Through the Eyes of a Wedding Planner

When you get married you will most likely not have a wedding planner at your disposal. They are expensive, and there is a good reason why. They work with you, they get to know you, and in the end their only goal is to shape the wedding so that it fits you.Brenda Cornell has been a wedding planner for more than ten years. If you can’t afford to hire a wedding planner, get to know yourself. That means don’t let yourself get blinded by all of the different options at your disposal. While you may well like the idea of having the hot trend wedding. If you weren’t one of the trend setters who made it popular it will likely only come across as unauthentic.

A wedding ceremony should be about the people getting married, their love for one another and it should encompass the values that they hold dear.Let’s look at a couple of examples of couples who were true to themselves and how they shaped a wedding that was true to who they were.Brenda also warns that you shouldn’t fall into the trap. Some people want to get married for the sake of marriage. They feelThis can lead you into situations that you may not have anticipated. Helen wrote about her marriage on her site. Had she followed some of Brenda’s suggestions she may not have had the same experiences.A truly happy marriage comes from an understanding of your significant other, and discussing what each of your expect for your life together.Let’s look at two couples who took this advice and started with married life off on a good start.

The Wedding

Andrea and Collin tied the knot this June and it was a large wedding with more than 300 guests from all across the US and a small handful of friends from Canada. With such a large guest list the wedding cost in the tens of thousands. But for the young couple, who was finally able to tie the knot it didn’t really matter.Andrea said that had they only been able to get married in the courthouse it wouldn’t have mattered. The fact that she and the love of her life would finally be able to really start their life together was all that mattered to her.Collin agree, noting that the whole wedding, the guests and the food, were for his parents.He had never thought much about his wedding day, but it meant a lot to his parents and if they were happy so were Collin & Andrea.

How To Make Your Happy, An Everafter

As you can see from the two vastly different weddings there was one thing in common. Their love for one another, and the desire to spend the rest of their lives together.This is of course the point. And it is one that can be over looked.It is important to remain focused and keep the wedding ceremony and reception from getting away from you.

Brenda Suggests

Here are some tips from Brenda Cornell on how to make your day truly special. Don’t worry, they aren’t difficult or expensive. In fact, they are the exact opposite.Don’t plan for elaborate. Elaborate has a tendency of developing as your plans become clear. This is the natural progression and it should be allowed to evolve as you move forward. Maintain a budget that fits with what you have to work with.Choose a venue that suites you, then look for the same style but for less. As you can see from these suggestions, planning ahead is often the best was to make your big day a big success. But they are easy to over look. And while they are simple in principle you will be surprised how much time and money they can save you for your wedding day, all the while allowing you to keep your plans on track.

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