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Fall will be in the air soon and you couples that are planning your wedding for that time of year have a wonderful and beautiful choice of themes, colors, decorations and ideas to select from.You can have a rich looking more formal wedding, a whimsical wedding with a Halloween theme or simply a fall theme using much of what nature has provided for us at that time of the year.Especially in your area, if you get real season changes.  The  Fall time is usually considered very late August to late November. The choice of colors which seem to say “Fall” would be chocolate, orange, mustard, sage green, forest green, navy blue,  brght red, wine, burgundy, yellow gold, black and white.That being said the choice is really what the two of you like and you want to reflect the day of your wedding, so read on and find some ideas to help you along.

1.Rich fall colors to use when planning your fall weddingWhen selecting your fall theme wedding  colors try to use more than one or two colors. That is use ne as your main color and then touches of a couple of other colors as accents.Your colors can include bridal party attire, table linens, table and ceremony decorations, bridal and wedding flowers and icing on the wedding cake or cup cakes.You want the colors to be choices you think will make for a wonderful memorable day.Many bride’s decide to wear ivory rather than white as it blends so beautifully with fall colors.
2.I found wonderful flower suggestions on the internet and have compiled a list of fall flowers to help you. There are some lovely fall flower choices such as:

Asters: White, Pink

  • An idea of the amazing fall colors you have to choose from for a fall wedding
  • Chrysanthemums: White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, other colors
  • Dahlias: In various colors
  • Marigolds: Yellow, Orange, Red
  • Statice:  Purple
  • Zinnias:  Red, orange, pink
  • Dried Leaves, berries, branches, small ivy leaves3.Wedding Flowers Available Year-Round Baby’s



Bachelor’s Button:

White, Pink, Red or Blue

Calla Lily:

White is widely available, other colors, available as well, particularly in mini size


Many Colors


Blue, White, Purple


Blue, Silver

Just one of the lovely colors you can have when using glads for your wedding




Many Colors



Lily of the Valley:

White and Pink


Pink, White, Purple, Other Colors




Many Colors (Note in February they are at a premium in demand and price)


Purple, White

3.When looking for fall wedding favors you again have quite a number of nice choices that will blend with your fall theme.Chocolates in a leaf shape and wrapped in fall colored foil.Mini bottles of wine.Packets of hot chocolate, hot cider, tea or coffee.A nice candle that has the scent of fall such as apple, cinnamon or any nice scent that is a reminder of the fall season.Small jars of homemade jams, preserves or candy tied with a theme-colored bow.This gives you an idea which you can expand on to make it very personal to the two of you.
4.Use candles as much as possible including LED candles if you are not allowed to use the real thing. They really do look natural and give a warm romantic glow.What a gorgeous and colorful setting for a fall outdoor wedding
5.When it comes to deciding a location for the wedding and reception or just the reception great venues for a fall wedding are vineyards, barns, a wonderful farm, a beautiful orchard or other rustic-type setting.
6It is becoming apparent as we see wedding food being planned that couples are not shy about adding a little spice to their menu.It might be in the way of be an hors d’oeuvre such as Margarita Shrimp with Jalapeño Lime Sorbet, or an entree with a little bit of a spiced up entree or side dish.A spicy dish seems to fit in with the cooler fall weather.Your guests are looking to have a good time at your wedding event.   You can depend on food stations to entertain your guests and they will definitely have fun with them.
Trendy stations go from omelet and baked potato bars right on through popcorn bars, candy and sweets bars including s’mores stations and add a gourmet coffee station.
7.Send your guests home with a tasty brownie lollipopA trend that is catching on is to send your guests home with a “to-go” box or bag.Offer them mini brownies or brownie lollipops, a nice cup of hot chocolate with perhaps your initals or wedding date on the mug, cheeseburger sliders or mini hot dogs for some fun ideas.As a suggestion try to do all your purchasing for your wedding locally or as locally as possible. First, it is usually less expensive and secondly, you are supporting the persons you live near.
Well there you go with ideas and suggestions that I can only wish will make it easier, less stressful and most of all help you to  have your beautiful fall dream wedding.Help us out if you have other ideas that are inexpensive and perfect for a fall wedding and thanks so much.

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