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Love This Beautiful Wedding Sheet Cake

Now that you are into making all the things happen that must before you can have your perfect wedding day. Think about a lovely wedding sheet cake to help you keep within your budget.I know the traditional tiered and elaborately decorated cake is what we all dream about, but that doesn’t mean another kind of design can’t be great, too.A sheet cake is simply a cake baked in a flat rectangular shape and can be layered and the flavors as luscious and tasty as a tiered cake.Benefits you Will Enjoy when Choosing a Sheet Cake


A tiered wedding cake figures to be $2 to $10 or more a slice and can add up very quickly the larger your guest list is.Beautiful Wedding Sheet Cake with Fruit While a lovely decorated sheet cake is about $1 to $4 per guest. Again it so depends on how you want it decorated and the size.


A sheet cake is so much easier to cut in equal pieces because it is rectangular.

Time to Order Your Cake:

A designer bakery might require months in advance reservation for a tiered cake. It takes much less time to make a delicious and lovely sheet cake made to your orders. As a result, if you have a shorter time to plan your wedding this is a better option for you.


Sheet cakes are much stronger than tiered wedding cakes and do not crumble as badly as a tiered cake so there is less waste. You can pretty much serve the entire cake slice by slice where the crumbling of the other kind of cake is wasteful.

Easier to Transport:

A sheet cake is easier to transport, has little if any chance of being knocked over or off the wedding ke table.

Personalize Your Cake:

Here are some ways of personalizing your sheet cake and making it every bit as gorgeous as a tiered cake.Gorgeous Cake with Tiers and Sheetcake for Your Wedding Airbrushed or iced photographs of the two of you.A small second tier in the corner or middle of the cake to give it added height.Fresh or edible flowers around the sides of the cake.Use the same colors on the wedding cake to match your colors and/or theme.An ideas is to use small sheet cakes on a traditional tiered cake stand to give it the look of a tiered cake.Have a two tiered more traditional cake and arrange small sheet cakes around it and decorated with the same frosting, colors and perhaps a small decoration matching the tiered cake.A finishing touch to serving your sheet cake is to make a heart or a swirl on the plate with chocolate before placing the cake serving on the individual plate.

Cake Toppers:

Cake toppers add a strong visual focal point to a sheet cake and just because you’ve decided on a sheet cake does not mean that you can’t have a cake topper. A romantic bride and groom topper not to heavy or large would be perfecT If you don’t really want the traditional  bride and groom figurine topper then choose a more contemporary design such as a monogram topper.A cake topper will add dimension to an otherwise  flat cake. Other topper options include castles, flowers, lace and sculpted pieces in various shapes such as hearts.Use your imagination, talk with your baker and I promise you won’t be disappointed in your wedding sheet cakeI would really like to hear from you with any ideas you might have and many thanks. Comment below, please

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