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The ring says it all as you wed on your winter wedding day

If you have chosen winter for your wedding day you have already saved money on the day’s events as weddings are usually planned for the spring and summer months.Winter decorations can save you, as nature does provide you with some lovely branches, twigs and greenery for your use as you create your winter wedding decorations.To start with wedding venues often offer special deals or packages along with their lower winter prices.It might include free decorations or even free limo service so it is important you do your searching and asking of questions as to what is actually offered.Make your questions direct and specific and stay away from general questions. You want to know just what you can get and what will be charged as an extra expense.Also, let the venues know you are shopping and checking other locations for the best deal for what you want to have on that day.As this is a slower time of year for other vendors too such as photographers, DJ’s, cake designer and so forth take time, do your research and negotiate and you won’t be sorry.Read on for the fun part of planning that most special of days.

Start with lovely winter centerpieces

Create centerpieces that reflect this gorgeous time of the year and skip the expense of flowers when you opt for nature’s generous bounty of branches, twigs, fall and winter leaves in a variety of sizes shapes and colors.Try nearby parks, wooded areas or the backyards of family and friends for them and then flea markets or thrift stores for assorted shapes and sizes of clear glass containers.If you look for the rather substantial and taller vases they make a more dramatic and wonderful look for this kind of centerpiece.
A perfect tree to gather twigs and branches for wedding centerpiecesGather an interesting assortment of twigs and branches and you decide whether you want to leave them in their natural state or spray painted gold, silver or white for that winter feel.While still wet you might add glitter or fake snow or just leave them as they are. It depends on how you are decorating for the wedding.After you have placed them in the containers if you wish to decorate them a bit try hanging glass icicles from a few of the branches. On the smaller branches hang glass droplets r use  rhinestones for a very pretty look.

If you really want to dress them up decorate some of the stems with acrylic crystals or rhinestones especially if the event is in the late afternoon into evening.Be sure that you use heavy bottomed vases and that the branches are sturdy.Let’s talk winter wedding foodThis is the time of the year and a trend is developing for family-style service so that guests can feel like they are in your dining room while enjoying each other’s company and the food you serve.It is a perfect time of year for comfort food, although it is becoming more popular no matter the time of year.Mac and cheese baked in individual servings, mini pot pies, meat loaf (for those who do not eat beef use chicken) and even vegetarian pot pies is a nice offering.Another idea is to have a station where you serve biscuits and gravy and what could be more comfort food than that.A tasty dessert bar to end your day and the guests can enjoy Cones filled with fish and chips is a great idea and easy to serve.A dessert station full of homemade cookies, brownies, cupcakes and mini pies makes for a great dessert buffet at the end of the day.Have a coffee and hot chocolate bar to serve along with the desserts. Spiced warm apple cider is a big hit and goes great with the desserts, too.

Ideas of wedding attire for a winter wedding

Remember there will probably be a bit of a chill in the air and you will want to have a cape or shrug for you and your attendants so that all will fill comfortable especially if some photos will be taken outdoors.
Also, there are less strapless and more sleeves such as three-quarter or cap sleeves being worn as cooler weather prevails.   When your dress has sleeves you can choose a neckline to most compliment you as boat neck, illusion neckline or sweetheart neckline.

The guys can join in the wedding colors with their matching socks

Identical dresses for your maids has sort of gone by the wayside.  If you choose to have them in unidentical dresses it is your choice to make.The groomsmen need not be left out of the fashion statement when they wear your wedding colors in their socks, suspenders or ties for example.I hope these ideas get your creative juices going and that your winter wedding day will be everything you have always dreamed it would be.Please comment below with any ideas  you can contribute to this article and thanks so much.

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