Best Picnic Wedding Ideas

How pretty when lighting is used with your wedding flowers

Time to talk current trends for wedding flowers and bouquets. While wedding trends change all the time, flowers and greens are such an important and lovely part of the wedding day they deserve special attention.Before getting into the flowers let me mention how extra special the way you do your lighting can make the flowers look.With technology the way it is today lights that are remotely controlled can be added to your floral displays to create magical and romantic effects for the dining hour to the dancing hours.Colored lighting to match your theme colors or candles used with flowers makes a dramatic effect that only enhances the wedding decorations you choose.The container for your arrangement most certainly can depend on your wedding theme and, of course, always acceptable is silver and crystal as they can be both retro and elegant at the same time.

A lovely pastel vintage wedding bouquet

Vintage-themed weddings are being planned with pastel colors and they make for a soft and charming floral look.You can use garden roses, tea roses, standard roses, Queen Anne’s Lace, lacy scabiosa, furry astillbe, agapanthus and old fashioned calla lily as examples.When you are planning your wedding table centerpieces more unique greens are being used in the arrangements such as maidenhair fern, soft vines and even geranium leaves.Flower garlands are becoming a trend and how about doing garlands of citrus for over doorways and the bar using limes, lemons and oranges.Drape a garland at the back of your wedding chairs uniting them together to signify your joining as one.To soften the look a lovely idea are garlands made of fern with a sprinkling of small flowers included for down the center of long tables. This is an inexpensive way to have a wonderful looking decor and keeping it cost effective.Be daring and different and use small trees with flowers tucked in the branches and/or LED lights as centerpieces.Looks like the flowers of the year are gorgeous many-petaled peonies or sweet scented garden roses.

Since the royal wedding a few years ago couples have started to more or less bring the look of outdoors in to give your wedding aisle a garden feeling with flowering trees and floral vines lining it.Flowers not only add atmosphere and ambiance to the decor but the flowers you choose can represent your history together by using flowers the groom has always given you through your time together.Make a statement with a vibrant and lovely bridal bouquetOr it might be a special flower like your mother and/or grandmother may have used in their wedding flowers or in another special way that means something to you.Make sure you are the focus of everyone’s gaze by carrying a vibrant bouquet. To do this, use colors that really stand out and choose flowers that aren’t used anywhere else in your wedding day flowers.If you want to break from tradition, carry a single large flower, like a sunflower or a daisy as an example, instead of a full bouquet.There are many blooms you might choose from and some florists actually make a single large flower by putting together flower petals to make that flower.This is truly one of my favorite ideas and is really a striking and unique statement. It is one of those special floral things you  might do that will be remembered by your guests and you for many years.

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