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A music theme to help make a special wedding day. If you are a couple who loves music what better way to start your married life then choosing a music wedding theme.

What lifts the spirit and heart any more than music?

As you know people all over the world play music to stimulate their thoughts or relax, so at a wedding what could be more appropriate for you as a couple but to tell your own love story with music? You must began by selecting a theme and incorporating it into your decorations and other aspects of the wedding day. The main thing, it should be based on your personal musical tastes. So let’s get started with your very own music wedding theme! Your theme might be based on YOUR  song, a favorite musical, or if both of you love a particular music genre that is the way to go. You might have an instrument that one or the other of you play that could be featured for the day.

Music Theme Wedding Ideas

  • Favorite kind of music
  • Favorite Musical
  • Do you play an instrument?
  • A song or songs that have been a special part of your relationship

When you have chosen your particular music theme then you can start incorporating it into decorations and other facets of your wedding day.

Wedding Decorations

This would include centerpieces where if you choose a main music related  image you can plan the centerpiece around it. Other table decorations such as place cards and napkin rings are another way to carry on your theme. Take sheet music and cut to fit a 3X5 inch frame. Print the table number on the sheet music and frame them to use as your table numbers. An entry arch decorated to complement your music theme would be a stunning look and a great place for picture taking. Make a CD for your guests as a music theme wedding favor.

Wedding Favors

What fun you can have with these and a suggestion in keeping with the theme is to make a CD and either include a few of your favorite songs and a personal “thank you” for sharing the day with the two of you. Or, perhaps do a CD of the best of the songs played at your wedding so they can replay at home and remember the day.

The Playlist

It is your wedding and your music theme so don’t leave it up to the DJ or band to choose the special songs you want played. Give a list of the songs that you absolutely want played at your wedding and have them included along with the other songs they will be playing.

If you do not have any special music ideas here are a few that would be perfect to include:

  • Love Me Tender
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  • At Last
  • What A wonderful World
  • Unforgettable
  • Hawaiian Wedding Song
  • The Nearness of You
  • If it is simply a matter of wanting to have a general music theme you may decide on a musical icon such as a music note or a genre such as jazz, classical, rock or love songs and use that in the many different ways you create.
  • A perfect Groom’s Cake for his table and your wedding day.
  • Wedding Cake.

There are so many ways your music theme can be used to decorate your wedding cake. Looking at the almost limitless pictures on the internet and checking out local bakers who do special wedding cake designs is the way to start deciding what you two want to have on that day. Your cake is one of the focal points at the reception so take your time and do tastings to make sure it is just right for your day. If you decide on cup cakes you can apply the same search ideas to cup cakes.  The cake topper is another fun way to use your theme and again there are all sorts of ideas to choose from on the internet, at your bakery and in bridal magazines. You can also do a music theme for a groom’s cake and table. When you choose your wedding music theme know that it will set you and your wedding day apart from many other weddings of the season and will be very much remembered by you and your lucky wedding guests.

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