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Best Ideas For Planning A Fall Wedding

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As you plan your wedding day you want to make it something that guests will long remember so you need to make it a day unique with the help of these ideas.You and your guests can and will enjoy the time and effort you put into how you wish the day to go.Here are some 15  ideas and suggestion you might be able to use starting with a note in your invitation and continuing to the  end of your day.

Here you go so read on and I have not listed them in any special order, but just as I think of them.

1.Have a note put on the response card to add a song for the DJ to play
Start by adding a note on your RSVP card asking the guest to make a song request for the DJ.
2.If you love to dance and would not be comfortable in your long wedding gown you can now find a gown that transforms into a skirt that is fun to dance in. Otherwise, you can have the long and short of it.
3.Remember the kids at your wedding by having paper and crayons at their place at the table.
You might even have a list of things you would like them to draw and have the adult with them turn one of their drawings in and make a fun book of them. Be sure to have their names on it so you know where it came from.
4.As a reminder that for your wedding favors set up a candy bar and have small bags or boxes available for your guests to help themselves at the end of the day.
Make it a single flower bouquet for something elegant and different
5.Rather than having a typical wedding bouquet opt for one gorgeous large real or paper flower as you walk down the aisle.
6.How about asking the grandmas on both of your sides to act as a flower girl and how touching would that be?
7.Here’s a fun ideas that I think your guests would enjoy. Set up a table with different kinds and colors of confetti and bags to hold it.Invite them to make their own mix of the different types for confetti they wish to toss at the end of the day.Give your guests a treat by having an ice cream truck for them to enjoy
8.Have an ice cream truck on site for young and older to pick what they would enjoy.
9.On your wedding day so you don’t have to keep reminding the bridal party about times for such things as dressing, photos, etc. Instead, hand out little cards to all of them with that information on them. That way they will know times and be able to plan accordingly.
10.Take a moment to stop for one final display of affection with Mom and Dad or a special family member that means so much to you.
11.Do a picture wall at your reception and fill it with pictures of the two of you and things youv’e done with your guests.Such as dating together, a party, an outdoor or athletic event and you get the idea.They will love you including them and it will make for good conversations among your guests and get them to know each other better.Between dancing and eating have a comfortable seating area for your guests
12.Between table or dance breaks try creating a lounge area at your reception. Put couches and/or chairs and a bunch of pillows to relax into.
13.Think about having reception ushers. They would be your  “live escort cards.”  They would walk your guests to their tables like an upscale restaurant would do.Ask people who you think are bright and charming to give your guests a pleasant start to your reception party and it saves doing escort cards as well.
14.Rather than the traditional guest book, have a framed canvas ready for your guests to sign with different colors of pens or marker or in your theme colors.When you are at home after the honeymoon hang it in a room for you to enjoy for the years to come.What fun for the guests to take home a remembrance from your wedding day
15.Try a caricaturist to do caricatures of your guests if your wedding entertainment budget can afford it.
Well there you go with fifteen ideas to make your wedding day unique, but most of all make it special and personal to the both of you.When you starting planning,  ideas will come to you both and some maybe you have seen before and some may be just yours alone.Please help us with any other things you might have seen at  a friend’s or your own wedding and thanks a million.

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