Best Ideas For Frugal Wedding Decorating

Fall wedding centerpieces can really help set the mood for a festive and wonderful wedding day and there are some great ways to have amazing centerpieces without breaking your budget.The abundance of fall flowers, leaves, gourds, berries, and other things you can only get in the fall, not only gives you lots of sensational centerpiece options but means you’ll be able to save money too.A cornucopia shaped basket, usually available in craft stores, can be filled with fruits of a non-perishable variety, such as apples of all colors, oranges, tangerines, or whatever you find in the market. Add unshelled nuts, small gourds, and short stalks of grains, be sure and let them spill out of the basket onto the table for a very lavish look.If the wedding is near Halloween or Thanksgiving, take advantage of using pumpkins as vases for flowers, small branches you have spray painted with wedding theme colors, and stalks of grains. You might surround the pumpkins with fall leaves, unshelled nuts, small gourds and other fall objects. Hollow out the pumpkin and place a plastic or glass vase with the water in it, and arrange your flowers.

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Large pillar candles in your colors may be set on a clear plate or mirror several inches larger than the candle. Surround the candle with unshelled nuts, dark coffee beans, small gourds, etc. The warmth of the candle glow and the rich fall colors are just the kind of thing that will make your centerpieces something the guests will notice and remember.The use of dried flowers and leaves for a fall wedding solves the problem of flowers wilting, and they can be done ahead of time. Arrange the flowers and fall leaves in an attractive rustic looking basket for a stunning centerpiece.  Place florist oasis snuggly in the bottom of the basket and place the stems in the oasis for a firm hold.Another way to use candles is to arrange several in different sizes and shapes and heights on a flat clear plate or mirror. Scatter unshelled nuts, berries, coffee beans, and such between and around the candles. Use the wedding theme colors when choosing the various candles that you want to use in the arrangements.

A potted mum, daisies, hydrangea, or any other rich fall colored flower placed in a basket as a centerpiece surrounded with various colorful leaves, berries, nonperishable fruits, or anything that is a reminder of fall, only adds to the beauty of your fall wedding décor.Something as simply as sunflowers in a clear vase with a tulle or satin ribbon tied around the vase is a way to save and yet have a really eye-catching arrangement.Let your creativity and imagination run wild on your fall wedding centerpieces and they will be lovely to look at and give you a really good feeling that you created these centerpieces for your very special day, to be enjoyed by your very special guests.

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