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I was thinking about all the little things that can go wrong on a wedding day that can turn a dream wedding into a disaster.So, having seen my share of problems, I thought I’d share with you some things you should do to be prepared for for all the small things that could go wrong on your wedding day.Some things you won’t be able to control but many things you can. For example, what if your DJ or band suddenly cannot make it and you have have to get music for your reception; would you be ready?And that’s just what I’ I’m going to do, help you discover ways to make it easier for you to handle the small emergencies that can happen on your wedding day.

Ready? Then let’s get started…

  • Get a Point Person
  • Remember the Marriage License
  • The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a “point person” on your wedding day.

You have so many things to do that you should appoint a reliable friend or family member to run those minor jobs, prepare for, and handle, possible emergencies, and oh yes, make sure you are at ease as much as possible, that you are hydrated and have a healthy bite to eat.

Some of the things your point person should do it.

One of the most important things that you need to have your point person is to make sure the marriage license arrives at the ceremony.Other things they should do include…Make an Emergency Kit
You’ll not be sorry if you have an emergency kit of things that you might need during your wedding day.

Just get a tote bag and make sure it’s filled with the following:

  • Tissues
  • Bride’s Emergency Kit
  • Bottled water
  • A compact mirror
  • Extra make-up
  • Hair spray and bobby pins
  • Small sewing kit
  • Eye drops
  • Headache and antacid pills
  • Pepto-Bismol
  • Chap Stick
  • Hand wipes
  • Sunscreen
  • Extra change of clothes
  • Dress tape or double-sided tape
  • Energy snack
  • Extra earring backs
  • Stain remover stick

Oops! Your Forgot What?!?!!

Surprising enough, the simplest things are sometimes forgotten in the rush and excitement of the day.

Here is a list of things that are commonly forgotten so give the list to your point person and have them make sure you haven’t forgotten in of them:

  • Your underwear
  • Your slip
  • Your stockings
  • Your shoes
  • Your garter belt
  • Your clutch bag
  • Your wrap

I Can’t Believe This Happened Now! It’s easy for small personal care emergencies to arise.You cannot imagine how often make-up gets smeared, veils get torn, an earring gets lost, a tiara break or is left at home, or any number of other little things.Plus when you heading for your make-up and hair appointments you need more than just yourselfSo be sure and put make up, hair care items, and other things like you your veil and tiara into a special personal items bag. Do this weeks ahead of time so you know it’s done and so that you can take it to appropriate appointments without forgetting or losing anything.

Where is that Ring?

Make Sure to Bring Unity Candles

What is you lose you vows or forget where you put the rings, what then.

What’ll you do is go to your point person who will get the ceremony cache and give you the copy of the vows that was printed off and stashed in it; or the spare, temporary wedding band saved just for the occasion.Some other things to put in the ceremony cache would be a ring bearer’s pillow, a flower girl’s basket, any unity or memorial candles — with matches.

Your Photographer’s Stuck in Traffic?

One of the most important things you’re going to want to after your wedding is your wedding photographs and video.Maybe the most important things you’ll have from your wedding — other than your spouse of course — is your photographic reminders.Prior to your wedding day make a list of the photos you MUST have and go over it carefully so you do your best to make sure none of the treasured photos you want are forgotten.Give the list to the photographer for reference and be sure not to forget any special detail shots you might want of programs, your dress hung on a lovely hanger, your rings and perhaps your hands with the rings.Take that list and put it, along with a digital camera with extra batteries and memory sticks, and if your photographer is detained then you get one of your guest who’s good with a camera to pitch in.Also, your could have everyone with camera phones pitch by taking photos and short videos and, in addition, you could have some disposable cameras available for people to use to capture those cherished moments of your wedding.Solving that Missing DJ or Band Issue

Going back to your band or DJ that cannot make it, what do you do?

Fortunately, this is an easy one to take care of… just make sure you’ve prepare the music you want and put it on your MP3 player or CD for you to use if needed.Make another MP3 mix or CD that contains only your first song and any other special dances you want.

Vendor Contact Information

As you’re hiring companies and people to help with your wedding — everyone from those missing musicians to your caterers to your officiant — you need to make a list of names, addresses, all contact information, and special instructions.Make copies of that list and make sure your point person has one during your wedding day.Other Things Not to Forget

Ring Bearer Pillow

  • Wedding party gift if not already given prior to the day
  • Flower basket and ring bearer pillow
  • Guest book and don’t forget the pen (put a spare in your ceremony cache)
  • Card box for the greeting cards you will receive
  • Serving set for the cake table if not provided by the caterer or baker
  • Toss garter if you wish to keep yours as a remembrance
  • A Tide-to-Go for spills or accidents

And there you have it, my tips that will make your wedding day much less stressful, a lot more fun and the beautiful dream you wish it to be.

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