Best Ideas For A Halloween Wedding

A lovely wedding gazebo just waiting to be decorated

A most romantic wedding ceremony area for an outdoor wedding is a beautifully decorated gazebo, and what bride and groom would not want to start their life together exchanging vows in such a location?
Here is a little help in the many ways you can make this a dream gazebo just for the two of you and reflecting your likes and personalities.It will depend on the time of year and its location as to what you can do to make it lovely and special so take that into consideration as you plan your decorations.An important thing to check on is the actual size of the gazebo so that there will be adequate room for the people who will be under it during the ceremony.Something else to check on is if chairs are provided for the guests who will attend and if the chairs are included in the rental price or not.You need to also check, if you are rentng the gazebo, that there are hooks in place so you have something to hang flower or plant baskets from. If not ask if that can be added.You are pretty much limited on gazebo decorations only by your wedding budget, your time and your creative abilities.Here we go with ideas to help you create that look you want, SOOO  read on and dream.

The Gazebo Roof

You may or may not want to drape the roof above you with a gauzy fabric, but it will certainly add a softer look to the interior.Hang string mini lights up before addng the fabric for the magical look it will give.Depending on the formality of the day you can hang flowers or balloons attractively from the roof also.Soft lighting for an evening wedding in a gazeboGazebo LightingBy nature most gazebos do not have adequate lighting going into late afternoon and evening for those pictures you will want the photographer to take. But take heart there are usually a number of electrical outlets in the gazebo itself.An idea I really like is to rent a chandelier and have it hung above where you will be standing for the ceremony.Strands of small lights in clear or one of your wedding colors strung arund the pillars or at the edge of the roof will also be an added wonderful look.If you are allowed to use candles a nice effect is to attach them with clips around the railing of the gazebo, but be sure and confirm you can use candles anywhere in or around the structure.You might be able to find and use LED candles which really do look like the real thing and should be acceptable.

Lantern are inexpensive and give a soft romantic glow.

Gazebo decorated and guest chairs in place ready for the lovely wedding ceremony Garlands for Wedding Gazebos You can beautifully decorate your gazebo with budget friendly garlands. They can be twisted around columns and pillars and woven around your railings.They do not have to be faux ivy but depending on the time of the year, you may have available grapevines, pinecones with evergreens and dried maple leaves or in the fall rich colored leaves to give you just a few suggestions.Flowers, real or faux might be wired into a garland and hung in the gazebo.

Other Gazebo Decoration options

Scatter real or faux petals on the floor of the gazebo for a romantic look.The use of inexpensive tulle in your wedding colors and draped as you would garlands really creates an etereal effect and even more so at a sunet wedding.Wrapped around the columns or pillars and tied with large bows adds to the effect and look.Remember that if you are doing bows make them large and lovely so that they can be seen and enjoyed by all.If a less formal affair is planned the use of balloons in wedding colors can be very pretty if done in a tasteful and attractive way.Here are some ideas for theme or seasonal wedding decorations that might appeal to you and give you other great ideas.

A Christmas Wedding:

Have a decorated Christmas tree with twinkle lights sent on the ground at each side of the entrance and hang snow flakes or icicles from the edge of the gazebo roof.Large Gold, red or green bows tied around the pillars in velvet or heavy satin would be very attractive.

Halloween Wedding:

Place jack-o-lanterns on the ledges of the gazebo or hang them from the roof for a great look.How about a fog machine placed somewhere nearby so it will emit a bit of mysterious fog and mystery.You could also hang webs and creatures across the opening or the roof. It depends on how whimsical you wish to be with the decorations.

Valentine’s Day:

Hearts and cupids decorating the gazebo is a natural for a wedding and particularly for that day.
It would be a perfect time for tulle in red and/or pink draped and twisted around pillars or columns.Large velvet bows in a heavy satin or velvet to accent the tulle.There you are for some ideas and tips to make your experience a fun and special one as you decorate your wedding gazebo.Please don’t hesitate to give us any other ideas you have by commenting below and many thanks!!

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