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Best Edible Wedding Favors Guests Will Eat Up

A good rule when planning your wedding guest’s food at the reception is to never leave them feeling hungry or thirsty. You have a number of things you can choose to do even if you are working with a tight budget such as an early afternoon wedding and then a lovely tea reception or later in he day when you can serve late afternoon snacks. The favorite service style to capture this year’s approachable elegance is while having the waiters possibly wearing black dinner jackets and white gloves, they’re presenting food family style to your long tables. This combines a look of elegance with the idea of allowing guests to interact with each other for a more personal and enjoyable time. As with most things food styles to are changing and here are some ideas that are going in for you to  check out.


This is still a very popular idea for an informal reception or a nice beginning    before the main course. Paper cones of fish and chips or Mini steak and chips or Mini roasted vegetables for your vegan or vegetarian guests.

Mini Hot Dogs and Hamburger

Here is a treat that all the “kids” young and old will enjoy and they are a goodfinger food for all. Offer a great individual pot pie to your wedding guests for a change.

Mini Pies

These little pies are easy to handle and very satisfying. Chicken pot pie Beef and onion pie. give your guests a choice of ice cream as a sweet treat.

Food Vans

A desirable idea for some couples whether it be food trucks or ice cream vans and is a nice way to give your guests choices of their own.
Brunch the really true wedding breakfast is quite the thing now and is partly due to the fact that budget-minded couples are getting married in the mornings. A juice and mimosa station is almost a must. Have stations set up to serve a choice of omelets with all the trimmings and have a pancake and waffle station as another option. with a choice of toppings for these. A table full of sweet and savory scones, cinnabons, donuts and pastries is a favorite treat for all ages of guests.

Bride and Groom Favorites

Love the idea of serving those foods that have long been the bride or the groom’s favorite. The guests would have fun learning and tasting what the bridal couple really enjoy.

Handmade Cookies

A big trend toward cookie snacks is taking place in and they can be homemade or purchased handmade and ready for you to buy.
Remember these can also work as your wedding favors when you have small boxes or bags ready for the guest to make a few choices.
have a wine tasting at your wedding reception for your wine loving guests.

Wine Tasting

Couples who really enjoy wine are having a wine tasting set-up for guests and they seem to truly like it. You should have a selection of both red and white for tasting. I suggest about 6 different choices for tasting. Have notes on what winery they come from and a description of the wine for guests to learn something about a wine they truly like and may want to buy at a later date.

Small Tastes Preferred

The 2014 trend I see are small offerings of what used to be full courses and guests are enjoying this trend. They can try a couple of things if the tastes are small and I have mentioned some ideas above. To add to this, consider a small individual Greek salad, macaroni salad or potato salad. Offer shrimp with a long toothpick and sauce on the side. A long toothpick or appetizer stick with a couple of mini meat balls on it. How about a shrimp on a stick with a dipping sauce along with it?

Cheese and Crudite Station

Set up a table of choices of different cheeses and crudite to accompany them. It is fun to stack them to look like a tiered wedding cake and let guests slice their piece as they choose. There you go with some of the latest trends and ideas to make your wedding food special to remember long after you wedding is is over. Bet you can add to this with your own ideas and they would be welcome. Just comment below and many thanks.

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