7 Steps to a Dreamy Traditional Indian Hindu Wedding

Wedding day is a special day in everyone’s life – but, with all the arrangements, it’s undeniably one of the most nerve-wracking experience too. So, to make your life a bit relaxed, we have divided the entire preparation into 7 steps.

7 steps to a dreamy traditional Indian Hindu wedding

Planning, planning, and planning

The plan is the key to all your solutions. In fact, it can be your ultimate stress removal therapy. If you are one of them, who has always referred to guides for solving tricky questions, planning a wedding shouldn’t be a challenge at all. Start with answering to each of these, and they are going to be your guiding light throughout the preparation:

  • So, even if you want a traditional wedding – do you want it to be a glamorous one or a more close-knit one?
  • Are you ready to replace wedding cards with email invitations?
  • Do you have anyone who can keep a check on your budget? (And remind you whenever you falter)

Fix your budget

Wedding is not just a day’s celebration. It includes loads of events. Additionally, there are crucial investments in attires, jewelry, gifts, and more. The list seems to be never-ending, so, we advise you to have a budget. It’s also a part of your planning and will be crucial in every decision, but because of its criticality, we have given it as a separate step. So take a deep breath, relax! Do not trust any arbitrary person – take help from wedding expert and if required, hire an experienced specialist. Also, keep a buffer of about 20% as contingencies and uncontrolled situations cause the budget to shoot up. As the wedding day comes closer, you might not be able to keep strict vigilance over the budget. So, bestow a close friend or family member with the responsibility of maintaining a check on your expenditures.

Wedding Timelines and Booking 

Since weddings include various functions like Cocktails, Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, the wedding ceremony itself, which can be followed with more than one reception. Decide whom you want to invite in which function and also ensure that guests have sufficient time in hand to plan their holidays. Start preparing your guest list at least 8-10 months back. Thus, in case you forget someone initially, you still will have sufficient time to invite him. Fix the date for each function, the venue, decoration, and food – treat each individually. For close friends and family, you can get a few copies of card printed. Otherwise, opt for E-cards for the mass invitation – it saves a lot on your budget and is eco-friendly too.  

Select Venue and Guest Accommodation

Selecting a venue can be an exhaustive task. But checking the following factors can help you:

  • Visit the location personally
  • The capacity of the site
  • Do you want an open wedding?
  • Check the dates, rates, and availability 
  • Lodging and food
  • Ratings and reviews of the location and their service
  • If you need to do, the Mandap hire separately or not? 

Wedding Theme 

A theme helps you to keep the entire wedding on one page. Decide it beforehand and communicate the same to each vendor, including your caterers.

Entertainment and DJ Services

No wedding is complete without entertainment, games, and dance – marriage is an entertainment package! But, be extremely careful about your guests’ taste. While each family member loves to shake their feet with the DJ, you can also hire service of celebrity DJ and dance artists. They keep the guests occupied and enhance their enjoyment. The photographer, the mehndi girl, the florist – everyone is crucial, and they increase the charm of the wedding. So, hire them carefully.

Food and Catering Services

In our weddings, food is one thing that can make or break the entire party. So, be doubly careful and sensitive towards the taste buds of your guests. Only select those banquet halls or caterers who are famous for serving excellent and exquisite dishes. The menu reflects your marriage theme and your culture. Additionally, mind how it is served – the first impression is created by the serving and then with the taste!

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