What To Do With Your Ex’s Gifts After A Breakup

Are there signs that your holding on to your Ex ? Say for example, Your in a current relationship and with someone you truly love. However your spouse notices that you kept some items your past lover has given you. He/She feels like your holding onto the people in your past, In fear that you may not be over your Ex. So why do people hold on to items that they probably never used or even pulled out the closet ? Is it because you don’t want to be Told to get rid of them and would rather do it on your own ? Or is there a real reason why you cant just let the items go ?

Now the items that was given to you could be something like :

  • Bracelet with your name on it
  • A Teddy Bear (with no words on it that would indicate love or romance)
  • A 37 inch LCD television, etc

The items can be completely general and shows no signs of the romance or love you shared with your previous lover. Most people would keep the items, but for different reasons.

  • Some would keep the items because they love jewelry, and that could be their favorite type of bear, and so on.
  • Or do they keep the items as some type of deep seeded way to stay connected to the past ?

Just because the relationship is over… Do you have to just give or sell everything that was given to you in order to keep your current lover happy ?  Because your in a committed relationship should you take it upon yourself to remove all the things you like for the reason that your Ex gave it to you ? Ultimately, the opinion of your spouse should be the most important to you. Are the items really worth putting your current relationship in jeopardy ?

If your spouse clearly shows that he/she is uncomfortable with those belongings in the home, most likely its because he/she is now insecure about his/her relationship with you. If your lover don’t care either way about where the TV came from ? or who got you that bracelet ? then that’s fine, If you and your spouse are OK with where that item came from and the meaning behind it, then there is nothing wrong with keeping it. But if you hold on to these items knowing very well how your spouse feels about it, then your doing nothing but proving him/her right.

There maybe some type of deep seeded reason why your so attached to these items. And holding on to them will tear your current relationship apart and as a result you will WIN the argument and the war. You was able to keep all of those items that held so dear to you, regardless of what your spouse, the person that currently and have always loved you thought … But now your alone, with nothing around you but a Teddy Bear, a Bracelet, and a 37 inch LCD TV.

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