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Wedding Food Ideas & Reception Meal

As you look toward your spring wedding and a new beginning. Your spring wedding centerpieces will be a large part of your reception decorating plans.The centerpieces are a  wonderful way to add color, fun and beauty at your wedding reception.If you have a color or theme or both, here is the place to use them starting with the table covers, and runners if you are using them.There is no better time to be able to create and make your centerpieces then the spring and summer. This can be a big savings on your wedding budget.

What could be more symbolic of spring then living potted plants and they can make really stunning centerpieces:

1) Get baskets, or straw hats flipped over and line them. Then fill with potting soil. Transfer your plants from the container it came in to the straw hat or basket for a really pretty centerpiece.
2) Take the potted plants you bought and transfer them to a decorative pot.

There are many ways to display the potted plants and you need only to use your imagination.The plants that are very well suited to this are daffodils, tulips, lilies and peonies, just as an example.If it is a less formal wedding, choose the size watering can you want and paint it the color of your choice. Fill them with seasonal flowers in your theme colors.

You do not have to use flowers in your centerpieces. As a lovely alternative try this:

Float votive candles in a clear bowl which has been filled two-thirds of the way with theme colored water. Sprinkle silk rose petals on the water to give it a lovely finished look.Candles are always romantic and give a soft glow to a room or outdoor area. Buy them in various sizes, shapes and your colors and arrange them on a reflective mirror. You can scatter silk rose petals or heart shaped sparkles around them, Just be careful to keep the sparkles and petals away from the flames.Arrange the same number of potted herbs on the table as guests at the table, and tell them at the end of the evening to take one as a favor.You may choose one kind or a number of different herbs for each table. For wonderful scents try thyme, lavender, mint, marjoram or any other that is available in your area.For an elegant look, yet less expensive then arranged flowers might be, go to a discount store and buy champagne or wine glasses.Plan on three or five to a table depending on the size of the table.Fill the glass part way with water and float a votive candle in it. If you want a more formal look try floating gold, silver or even copper colored candles. Scatter silk petals, or sparkles around the glasses.As you know there are many wonderful things you can do to make your day special and memorable. Your spring wedding centerpieces will be there to help make that happen.

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