Wedding cupcakes

Unique Wedding Cupcake Ideas

Silk rose petals for weddings is the answer to a bride’s dream. When you go and look at them you’ll see that they can hardly be distinguished from real ones and they stay fresh forever.Often they are less expensive then the freeze dried rose petals and there is no chance of bleeding onto wedding attire or your fingers.Other advantages to the real rose petals is that they are low maintenance, easy  to transport from place to place and easy clean up.

Silk rose petals are re-usable for other special times or events.

The disadvantage is that they cannot be used near open flames and don’t do well on wet surfaces, floors or outdoor weddings.

There are a number of areas where they are simply ideal:

How about placing a few of them inside your wedding invitations and when the invitee opens the envelope they get a cascade of pretty petals.As a substitute for rice or bird seed, have baskets of the petals at the exit door and as you leave the ceremony area the silk rose petals can be tossed. Do remember to have someone designated to pick them up after you have gone.The Table and Cake itself would take on an elegant look with softly dropped petals over both. Don’t be to heavy handed, just a few would be perfect.The reception centerpieces take on a charming kind of look when enhanced with rose petals scattered around them and down a runner if it is a long table.Your wedding favors can be decorated with the petals for a finished look.If you are having a flower girllet herscatter the petals down the aisle in front of you. If there will be no flower irl then an usher can do the honors.Talk to your wedding photographer about using them in romantic and lovely wedding photos.

When you begin shopping for the petals try your local art supply or hobby craft stores. The internet has a number of choices and you can buy in bulk which should help cost-wise.Using silk rose petals does not limit you in colors to the usual cream, white, ivory, pink or red. If you look you can find them in many colors and your wedding color theme should be amongst them.There are even metallic tones and two tones. You can find them in spring, summer, fall and winter shades.If you look online there are even places to find scented petals for more authenticity and if that isn’t enough they come in shapes such as hearts and butterflies.Use the internet to find pictures of what other brides have done and how they used  silk rose petals.Believe me it will truly be worth your time to see what there is available to you. The colors and varieties of lovely silk rose petals is just about limitless. They cannot help but contribute to everything  enchanting about your day.Bet you have some other ideas about how to use these lovely silk petals and I’d love to hear about them,  so comment below.

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