Suit Yourself

Your wedding day will be filled with many wonderful memories and moments. You’ll want to wear a suit to match the occasion.

The days of the bride’s gown are over. Now, the groom’s suit is a major part of the celebrations. Choosing a suit with a proactive approach will help you feel and look your best on the big day. Your outfit should reflect the fact that you are marrying your love.

Find Your Muse

Inspiration can be found anywhere when it comes to choosing a suit you love. You can find inspiration on social media and in shops.
When you begin to search for inspiration on wedding attire, your muse will surely appear. You can also browse through your social media and save outfits you like. You can also keep an image to use at a fitting. Tana recommends that you stay true to your style when researching to find an image that reflects something about yourself. He says that the suit should be a reflection of the groom’s personality.

Browse through magazines or catalogs of suits, or ask grooms at previous weddings about their attire. Ask the groom about his suit brand and where he bought it if he looked like a million bucks, was comfortable, and his party was strutting around like male models.

Tana recommends that if you are unsure of your desired style, visit your local suit shop and speak to their stylist for professional advice. Parker & Co. is an expert in helping grooms discover their style, no matter their wedding theme or personal taste. Our team can cater to any wedding, whether it is in Bali or Europe.

Tana advises: “Know your requirements for attire and choose the best options that suit your event and your style.”

Old and New

It would be best if you chose a wedding suit that reflects not only the theme but your style. If you are a traditional man or want to include modern elements in your suit, narrowing down your choices to a few styles will help make the best choice.

A simple black suit is the best choice for a classic style. This outfit is timeless and will ensure that your wedding pictures remain fashionable for many years to come. Tana says that a mix of materials can create a relaxed look. He says that light linens or cottons are ideal for a summer, garden, or country wedding.


Tana says that the classic, three-piece suit made of fine wool has become more popular among modern men. The collection is sophisticated and smart, and grooms can add their personality to a classic outfit. Tana says that you can inject personality into your wedding attire in many ways, from vests of contrasting colors to unique shoes. He says that personalized jackets and shirts with initials embroidered on the cuff of the shirt add an extra personal touch.

You will look and feel better if you inject personality into your attire. Tana says that a groom’s confidence on the big day is dependent upon a suit that is perfectly tailored and fits well. You can achieve this by having your suit made specifically for your body type.

It’s easy to show off your style by customizing your outfit. Tana advises that you keep any wild or wacky additions to a minimum so as not to disrupt the reverence of your event. “The groom’s suits should be tailored to the bride.

“Compliment the bride on the formality of the gown,” he says.

Fit for a King

It is important to choose a suit that fits your body type. It would be best if you always tried on the suit in the store. Tana advises grooms to try on the suit as certain colors and styles are only suitable for certain skin shades and body shapes.

It’s also a good way to find out what suits you and your body type. Tana says that Parker & Co. offers a wide range of Italian handmade suits for grooms to try on. The store has more than 30 world-class brands all in one place. An in-house stylist can give the groom a variety of options.

Fitting In

It’s important to arrange a professional fitting once you know which styles you like.
Advice on the subject is always welcome. Tana claims that the process of fitting is simple and quick at Parker & Co., thanks to their skilled team. He says that the made-to-measure experience lasts about an hour. “An expert in-house will guide the groom through different wedding looks and fabrics, to help tailor his perfect outfit on his special day.”

Tana, the owner of the company, says that client satisfaction is always the priority. The company offers many collections, ranging from resort wear to classic attire for the perfect tropical wedding. Parker & Co. caters to all wedding concepts and locations and can accommodate the groomsmen’s additional requirements, such as shirts and ties, belts and sunglasses, shoes, and hats.

Your wedding day will be a beautiful occasion, no matter which suit you choose. Whether it is a classic outfit with black trimmings or a mix of quirky elements and pops of color, the love that surrounds your marriage will make this a memorable event. Wear the suit, but don’t wear it. Stand tall and be comfortable.

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