Secrets Of A Beauty Queen

Aisle Preparation

Naturally, you want to feel and look your best when you are pledging your undying love to your partner before family and friends. It’s essential to know your style before making your grand entry. You should also prepare your hair and your skin months in advance to ensure you look radiant.

Corbet, a professional, believes that the work is done in the months leading up to your wedding and not on the big day. This includes building strong foundations for your hair and your skin to be as healthy as you can. Corbet says that starting a morning routine of exfoliating, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing both morning and night will make a big difference in the appearance and health of your skin. Skincare begins in the shower. A gentle cleanser will help you get started. If you haven’t already, a half-year before your wedding would be a good time to begin. Corbet suggests that you create a skincare routine six months in advance if you haven’t already.

Although the application of cream highlighters or light-infusing makeup can work wonders, the first step to hydrated and plump skin begins before applying makeup. Corbet says, “drink plenty of water first and foremost.” Water will help flush out toxins and, given time, can aid in fighting breakouts. While antioxidant-rich serums may protect and hydrate the skin, the inside also needs love. Adopting a whole-food diet and lifestyle and taking supplements are other ways to heal your skin from the inside out.

Let’s Talk About Beauty

Before you begin applying makeup, prepare your face for the makeup artist. It’s similar to how you would internally prepare your skin for its best appearance. “A good foundation is essential!” The hair and makeup expert says to use a primer on your face and then concealer on your lids. This will ensure that the eyeshadow doesn’t move. She recommends waterproof eyeliner and mascara to keep your eye makeup in place throughout the night.

If you think of a bride in particular, images of Hollywood waves and a tousled bun are likely to come to your mind. And for good reason. Corbet says that the Hollywood glam waves are the most popular hairstyles for brides. Few wedding hairstyles have the same glamour as old Hollywood waves. “Those retro, sleek curls made famous by many movie stars will never go out-of-style.”

Corbet suggests the classic chignon for brides who want an updo. It is recognizable by its clean, structured, and vintage-looking look. Corbet says that a messy, textured updo will also be a favorite at a relaxed beach wedding. However, Corbet stresses that the bride’s personal style and gown style will determine this choice.

In terms of makeup, “good-coverage foundation, contoured and bronzed skin” all have their place in the spotlight. Corbet suggests that brides carry a touch-up set, which includes blotting papers, lipsticks, and lash adhesive, in case any lashes or individual lashes start to move with tears. The most important item in this kit is the pressed powder. It can absorb any extra oils that may cause your makeup to separate. For touch-ups, I like to use the Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish (powder compact), but any powder compact you have will do.

Feeling and Looking Fabulous

Self-tanner can help us achieve that healthy glow. Corbet advises her brides to tan two days before their wedding if they want to look extra sun-kissed. She explained that the tan would continue to develop after showering. This gives you time for the color to develop fully and allows you to correct any minor issues, such as dark spots on your elbows, knees, neck, or ears.

Hair and makeup can make you feel and look like your best self while you love your best friend. Corbet says that she is always excited to help her clients become the most beautiful and confident versions of themselves and achieve their goals on the biggest occasions of their lives. She continues, “Makeup and Hair are not just about makeup or hair. It goes deeper than that.” “I love that I empower the people I work with; I love to connect with my clients personally, and I absolutely enjoy the journey I am on and seeing my work pay off.”

The happiness that you will feel on your wedding day when you are standing in front of your family and friends will make you the most attractive person. You can be assured that working with a professional will help you to achieve the best possible state of mind on your wedding day and afterward. Glow, you beautiful thing!

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