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A Halloween Theme Reception Table

If a Halloween wedding is your theme choice it can be elegant or whimsical or a bit of both. You may have a perfect Halloween wedding with these Halloween wedding Decoration  ideas to help you along.
The reception table becomes the center for both the food and conversation. It makes an impression from the beginning to the end of the reception.

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A great place to look for fabric is your local fabric store. There you will find Halloween novelty prints and such for a whimsical theme.Then, for an elegant theme find jewel toned cloths in autumn colors such as deep red, orange or yellow. Finish it by sprinkling shiny confetti in shapes of jack-o-lanterns, ghosts or black cats on it.


Halloween-themed Candle Centerpiece The centerpieces are a wonderful place to express your wedding theme. You can really have fun with them and keep them inexpensive but expensive looking.One idea is to  place a jack-o-lantern with a real or LED votive in it in the center of the table. Use autumn harvest vegetables and fruit such as gourds and pumpkins, lovely colored apples, and citrus to surround them and scatter autumn leaves to finish the look.Another idea and especially for an evening reception is to use black wrought iron candelabra with deep autumn colors. If your venue does not allow candles the LED candles provide just the right amount of soft glow at the tables also.The wedding decorations you will need around the room depend on the size and layout of the room. Check the internet for other Halloween wedding decoration suggestions.


The lighting of the venue will be very important in setting the mood of the occasion.String white twinkle lights in a swag at the cake table. They would also look wonderful and romantic used in some appropriate way at the bridal head table.A wedding lighting design is very important in this theme setting so be creative and ask for suggestions from people you know who are talented in this way.


Flower are always a central part of a wedding and wedding decor.As altar decorations use dark blooms accented with bright autumn colors for an exquisite arrangements at the ceremony.At the reception displays of arrangement around the room of orange and yellow carnations, mums and orange or yellow calla lilies are excellent choices for your Halloween theme.A Halloween Candy Buffet

Candy Buffet

This is so perfect for a Halloween theme as it is both a decoration, a dessert or a wedding favor station with small trick-or-treat bags for each guest.The Halloween candy may be displayed in clear bowls or Halloween-themed containers and it would be fun to order retro that is remembered from childhood when you went out on Halloween night.M&M’s in black, purple, orange and yellow make an excellent addition to the treat table.

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