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How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers

How’s this for a summer wedding venue? Are you beginning to plan your summer wedding?

If so, here are some important do’s and don’ts that will make your wedding day a much happier day for you and your guests.It may not seem that serious, but the comfort of your guests and you, will make it a less stressful day as it goes along.This is especially true if you have babies and very young children and/or older guests where weather might be more of an issue for them.None of these do’s and don’ts  are difficult and will be greatly appreciated by all attending including you and your bridal party.Have a look at the do’s and don’ts and I know you will be happy you did…Things NOT to Do at a Summer Wedding Let’s get started with the don’ts for summer weddings…Don’t forget to send save-the-date notes, as summer is a busy time for vacations and that is especially true if the family members include children out of school; if you send them notice of your wedding date early enough, they can plan around it.Don’t set the time of your wedding outdoors to start midday when the sun is the strongest.Guests who are preoccupied with the heat and trying to keep cool are not in the mood to party and enjoy the day including eating and drinking.

Have a table set with fans and even a selection of sun glasses for those who might have forgotten theirs.
The best time to aim for is late afternoon or early evening and schedule dinner for around sunset providing the sun doesn’t set late in your area.Citronella candles a Must for Outdoor Summer Weddings Don’t forget sun and bug protection for both of you and your guests.Place baskets in the guest bathrooms with sun block wipes and small containers of bug spray if necessary.Don’t forget to have citronella candle at each guest table and the serving tables as they really do help.As  for the bridal party, prior to getting dressed all of you should apply sunscreen to skin that will be exposed for a fairly long period of time if it appears the day is going to be really hot.You could even consider wearing a moisturizer and foundation or powder that contains SPF.

Do think about wearing a dress from a light fabric that breathes as an example silk, cotton, chiffon and gauze; you might even want to think about a shorter skirt too.If you still want a heavier ball gown or something like that then wear it for the ceremony and change to a elegant short sheath for the reception and dancing.Your groom can look great in a linen suit and leather thongs or if you want him to go beach-casual then a button-down shirt and khaki’s would do the trick.Do offer your guests fruit-infused water such as orange-mint or another flavor in champagne flutes if your guests are outside and waiting for the ceremony to start.If you don’t want to do the fruit-infused water than have attractive buckets or basket filled with ice and cold water bottles.Have grilled fish or meat for your summer wedding guests to dine on Do plan your food to include “cool” food items and a good one would be a tasty watermelon gazpacho shooter for starters

Do serve lighter food. Entrees such as a grilled meat, chicken and fish would be very tasty.You might think about serving cold meat along with fresh produce,  salad or fruit.Do have some area set aside where people can get away from the sun.There might be an air-conditioned area or set up a tent with fans going. Many rental places have portable air-conditioners for rent.The Most Important Do and Don’t…Do have the best time of your life and…Don’t stress as the day will be wonderful for the two of you.There are some do’s and don’ts when planning a summer wedding and I hope they are very helpful to you, if you have any to add to the above list please note them below and many thanks.

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