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How To Choose A Wedding Gift

What is considered the best wedding gift can be something to one person who has the money to spend, and another to a person where money is a major consideration. I’ll be looking at each way but, first, let’s put on our “money is no object” hat. You might pick a very expensive wedding gift that’s on their registry, and be sure to check to see if they have also registered online. This probably is the gift that they dreamed to get, but didn’t really expect. A wedding gift that stands the test of time such as, a beautiful crystal vase, a piece of art, an antique piece, or a bottle of fine wine to be held and opened on their 10th anniversary might be your selection. All newlyweds appreciate the gift of money. It could be placed in a lovely frame that they could then use for one of their wedding photographs. Now, we put on our “money is an object of concern” hat. This is the time you want to be more thoughtful and creative about an inexpensive wedding gift.

Two champagne glasses and, for about $20 to $30 you can get, a good bottle of champagne which is usually very well received. If money allows then have the glasses etched with their initials. Most shopping malls now have mall gift cards available that may be used at any store in the mall. Of course, a gift card to anything you know they would enjoy would also be welcome. In the case of a gift card, think of a creative way to package and present it. A collage picture frame, or a nice picture album for the newlyweds to keep all the pictures they will be taking of their new life together is a thoughtful gift. There are some absolutely beautiful coffee table books available, and getting them one that keeps their tastes and interests in mind will allow them many hours of enjoyment in the years to come. When giving the best wedding gift you can choose, let it be from the heart, and with the desire to please them with your choice no matter what the wedding gift amount is.

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