DIY Wedding Centerpieces On A Budget

Fall is a perfect time to plan your wedding and here are some fabulous fall wedding ideas that can help you achieve a low-cost wedding that is really lovely.The fall colors lend themselves to a rich vibrant choice for your wedding color scheme. Subdued jewel shades of red, orange, hunter green, rich yellow, and burgundy are examples.Weather permitting in your area, plan an outdoor wedding and reception using the natural backdrop of fall flowers, foliage, and trees in a garden, meadow or park. Bring the fall foliage indoors with branches spray painted your wedding theme colors, fall leaves, gourds, and other decorative ideas you might have.Take advantage of less expensive fall flowers such as mums, daisies, sun flowers and lilies in the place of expensive roses and the like. These flowers may be used in bridal and attendant bouquets, pew aisle flowers, and reception centerpieces.Gourds, small pumpkins, candles, small tree branches and colorful fall leaves may also be used in the centerpieces.

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Fall wedding attire might be the time to conserve cost by renting the bridal dress and veil. With cooler weather this time of the year, the dress might be long-sleeved, or a sleeveless dress with a cape or jacket.Remember, if you buy the dress and veil you only wear it once and then store it away.The attendants dresses can also be rented, and their dresses should take into consideration the fall weather, too. The attendant dresses can match the wedding theme colors and be in lovely jewel tones.Wedding favors may be made with small votive candles in your fall theme colors with a place mark holder and the name of the guest placed in the candle.Perhaps small picture frames can be used as place marks, and under the guest’s name card, a card with the name, address and phone number of the bride and groom’s new home can be placed.A nice idea and to save money on expensive photographer costs would be to provide a disposable camera or two at each table at the reception. Ask the guests to snap pictures throughout the reception of persons, and things they find interesting.It then gives the guests a lasting remembrance of the wedding and they can send copies of the pictures they took to the couple for their album There are available wedding planning books that go through the steps you need to take to plan an elegant but inexpensive wedding.They’ll help with your budget, and other all important facets of the very special day in your life. It might be a good idea to look into one of these available books before starting anything.Great fall wedding ideas are possible if you only take the time, use your imagination, and let you, your family, and friends talent’s bloom.

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