Choosing Your Wedding Party

Well, it’s time to start sifting through your friends and family to put together your wedding party!  The idea of picking your wedding party is that you pick people who are close to you and your fiancé as well as people who are fit for the job.  Not everyone can handle the stress of being in the wedding party! Although picking your wedding party is a very personal decision, take a few of these tips into consideration before you officially ask anyone to join you and your fiancé on your big day. To girls, being asked to be part of a wedding party is a big deal.  Most girls know the kind of commitment involved and are very excited to be picked for the job!  However, to be sure, let your friend or family member know the kinds of responsibilities that will be expected of her right away and give her the chance to say yes or no.

Do not assume that she has been dying to drive 5 hours to your town/city to watch you try on your wedding dress, then drive back for her bridesmaid dress fitting, then back again for the bridal shower then once more for the bachelorette.  Although most girls don’t find this to be a problem, some do. There are a lot of things that come up for a bride in the wedding planning process so be sure your maid of honor and bridesmaids are excited to be the ones to help you along with this process.  You deserve to have girls by your side that are just as excited about your wedding as you are! Also try to pick a couple girls in your wedding party that are a bit experienced with the process. Because they will be responsible for making your bachelorette, bridal shower, and dress fittings a fun time, it helps to have someone a part of the process who has been there before.  Will they be weirded out if they need to help you pee because you already got in your wedding dress? Will they be there to hold your hair back because you’ve had too much to drink at your bachelorette? Keep these questions in mind when making your final decision! There are some things that the groomsmen need to do that they may find difficult during the ceremony. These things include: not drawing attention to themselves, not being idiots, not being fidgety, and being generally quiet and respectful.  

Then there is the time when they do not need to be quiet and respectful, and that’s the bachelor party. If they are your groomsmen, they will need to be invited to this event.  Will they be a Debbie Downer? Will they be on the opposite end of the spectrum and be totally out of control? This is where it gets tricky when deciding whether or not to ask family or the bride’s family to be a part of your wedding party.  Will it be awkward if your future brother in law sees you getting a lap dance? On the other hand, it could be some interesting family bonding! Some other things to consider that are crucial to your choice are: are they reliable and will they be on time?  There are only so many things you can control the day of your wedding but try to pick people for your groomsmen that aren’t perpetually late and actually care about other’s time schedules. These things are useful on your wedding day. Ultimately, you will know who is right for your wedding party.  There are people who have been in your life that have always been there for you and will want to be there for your wedding day in a big way.  Sometimes, people’s feelings will get hurt because they assume that they will be chosen to be your bridesmaid/groomsmen and they just didn’t make the cut.  Be prepared for this, but don’t let it stop you from making the right decision for yourself and your fiancé. This is your day and you deserve to enjoy it with your family and friends!

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