Best Wedding Favor Ideas That Aren’t Useless

Is there a better day to say “I do” then on romantic Valentine’s Day? Absolutely not! And these Valentine wedding ideas will help make your wedding everything that you’ve always dreamed it would be.Take advantage of the symbolism of the day in your decorations and the lovely colors of red, pink, burgundy, maroon, rich dark greens and ivory. For example…When planning your wedding invitations, think about heart shaped, or a card that might be patterned after an old fashioned Valentine card. Use perhaps a soft pink paper or white with gold printing. Keep it soft and romantic.If you are being married in a church, the aisle pews would reflect the day of love with satin or net draped from pew to pew with silk roses tucked in where the swag meets the top of the pew.If chairs are being used you can actually do the same thing as you would on the pews. Either will give a wonderful look the to aisle you will walk down.Your unity candles might be white for the pillar candle to signify the purity of your love, and the candles you use to light the unity candle red for true love.

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The wedding reception decorations should be in the theme colors you have chosen.Centerpieces do not have to be lots of expensive roses, but beautiful mixes of less expensive flowers with hearts or cupids placed in the arrangements.Table cloths in ivory with a dark green runner would show off your centerpieces in a very dramatic way.An elegant look would be to use candelabras with tall candles and silk rose petals or metallic heart shaped confetti sprinkled around them.Chocolate and sweets are a part of Valentine’s Day so your party favors might be a favor box of a few chocolates, or candy kisses. Heart shaped cookies would also be a tasty favor.Small photo frames in the shape of hearts could be used as table place marks and then as favors for the guest to take home.Your wedding cake is a centerpiece at the reception, so how about a red velvet cake with the bottom cake round and then the tiers heart shaped. Wouldn’t that be a knock out?The food, of course, depends on the time of day, and if it is a sit down or a buffet type arrangement. As it is a day known for all types of sweets, especially chocolate, you could do a special dessert table and feature a chocolate fountain.The lighting at the reception should be soft and romantic, but still enough light for all to see and enjoy the party. Candles are perfect for this and if there is overhead lighting have it turned down to compliment the candle light.Have fun with these Valentine wedding ideas and may they help you to think of other things to make it your very special day.

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