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Best Vintage Lace & Pearls Wedding Ideas

Wedding favors are such a good way of saying “THANK YOU” to your very special wedding day guests. I have tried to give you some interesting wedding favor ideas to make them a fond memory to those who receive them. Another thing is to keep them as inexpensive and yet as DIY as possible and I think these wedding favor ideas do just that. Presentation and packaging is a very important part of the giving of these thank you’s so when planning your favors give that extra thought. Here are ten wedding favors for you to take a look at so read on and enjoy.

1. A Snack and Drink Duo to Enjoy 

A small bottle of coke with a ribbon tied around neck that says “thank you” and to accompany it a favorite brownie or cookie that you think they would like.

2. Paper Pinwheels

You can find on the internet paper pinwheels that can be personalized and in your theme colors. Tie a ribbon with a thank you attached.

3. Give a Lasting Gift

Choose one or more of your favorite charities and give a donation in the names of your guests. Give them a nice thank you card with an explanation of what you have done in their honor.

4. Tea or Coffee and Cookies

Pack a favor box with tea or coffe packets and tasty cookies and seal with a sticker bearing your monogram.

5. Old Fashioned Candy

Pack a small bag or box with old fashioned candy you both like. People will have fun remembering the candies that were their choices a time ago.

6. Your Favorite Cookie and Recipe

How about baking your favorite cookie and pack a few in a favor box and attach the recipe to the top of the box so they may make their own at a later date.

7. Soft Pretzels and Mustard

Pack a favor box with a few soft pretzels and a mini jar of mustard for a tasty snack. Who doesn’t like a good soft pretzel with a touch of mustard on it?

8. Homemade Granola

Ask family and bridesmaids to help make up your choice of a granola mix. Pack in small burlap-topped jars tagged with your initials or a big thank you on them. It is a healthy treat and tasty as well.

9. Goody Bags

Pack favor bags with your choice of items such as a pen, notepad, a candy or gum you especially like. You get the idea and don’t forget a nice thank you note from the both of you.

10. Travel Mug and Hot Coffee or Tea

As each guest leaves give them a very nice travel mug to take home and offer hot coffee or tea to fill it with for the journey home. When packing food items you may want to use glassine paper and you can find it in colors so you might match your wedding theme colors as well. These are just a few of my favorite wedding favor ideas and I hope it will be an inspiration to you as you decide on your personal thank you gift. Please feel free to help out other brides with more good ideas as we love to hear from you. Make your suggestions below and many thanks.

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