Best Things To Know When Buying An Antique Engagement Ring

Looking at antique jewellery, rings in particular, it’s clear to see what the seduction and fascination is. With an array of stunning designs from various brands and periods in time, the exploration of antique jewellery can be never-ending. If you are looking at things for an investment standpoint however, things can get a little more technical.Having love, passion and avid interest is highly important but by no means the be all and end all. It starts with a good eye for detail and a feel for the current marketplace. This means you will have to put your business hat on! Knowing where to hunt for true treasures is the next thing. A great place to start is with Kalmar Antiques’ selection of antique engagement rings in Australia.Don’t worry though it’s not as hard as it sounds and in time you will know all there is to know about investing profitably in antique rings.

Where To Start?

If you have your heart set on rings, it’s a good idea to start off with shops or bidding sites that offer second hand items. This makes the process less daunting and also offers numerous benefits such as excluding VAT. Look at popular antique auctions in your area and online. Often, they offer an attractive commission for buyers that can reach up to 20%.

Tips From Experts

  • Does your ring have pearls in?

    Well, we have got great news for you! Pearls are getting popular again. Before the 20’s, it was extremely rare and expensive to purchase items with pearls in due to the intricate assembly process. So if you do happen to have a ring from around this time with a pearl in, it may just have very high worth and value.

  • Antique rings with character and style go a long way:

     If you want your rings to be recognized and truly value, it helps if they have a signature style. The experts say that jewellery from the Edwardian era is buzzing with character. Also Georgian jewellery features some stunning gemstones and has been known to fetch a good price in recent years. Victorian rings, however, may appear a bit too common or outdated to fetch the interest of buyers today.

  • Even though it’s antique, think current:

     You want to look out for something people are going to wear today. Antique rings that fit in with the current trends for example. If you can find a ring such as this you will lock into a treasure chest. For example, Victorian rings and jewellery in general may be big and grand, not necessarily slotting in to the current trends.

  • Want to track down something investors can’t resist?

     Go Art Nouveau! When you see glass features and colourful stones, you will know the ring is from the Art Nouveau era and has a particularly special appeal to collector. So if you can track down one of these rings, it will have a strong resonation if you buy a famous brand name such as Guimard. Art Deco is similar and often confused with Nouveau but the designs are normally sleeker instead of being more decorative. Kalmar Antiques have a beautiful range of Art Deco rings; click here if you want to choose from their elegant collection.

  • Consider modern artists too.

     I know it won’t be quite as antique as you were hoping for but sometimes it helps to think outside the box when investing. Today’s up and coming designers may be tomorrow’s most famous jewellers.

It’s also well worth reading up on the period you are interested in buying your antique from. Is it the Victorian era that fascinates you the most? Do you find Edwardian rings the most dazzling?

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