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Asian Wedding Favors

Some of the nicest and most elegant wedding favors you can give are Asian wedding favors.It is not at all necessary to be of Asian descent or culture to gift your guests with these favors.In fact, using Asian wedding favors it doesn’t necessarily mean you are having an Asian-themed wedding either.Here are 10 really wonderful suggestions for you to use in your wedding and to spark your creative thinking…

1. Asian Fans

Asian fans are available in a vast myriad of beautiful colors and patterns; get them in your theme colors, use a solid color like classic ebony black, or get a rainbow of colors so that everyone can have different colors — this will give the right type of wedding a fabulous look to it.Have your names and your wedding date imprinted on the handle for a very personal touch and tie a lovely silk or satin ribbon from the handle (if it doesn’t have one already).

2. Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies are, by far, the most popular Asian wedding favor, and with good reason.
Gourmet fortune cookies are a very tasty treat when included on your wedding tables and you can turn them into beautiful and lusciously sinful treats by having them dipped in white or milk chocolate and dusted with sprinkles or candied pearls.Pack them in mini take-out boxes and tie with color theme ribbon.

3. Soup Spoons

Asian soup spoons in porcelain china make a stunning gift.Try to find them in your theme colors and fill a tulle bag with candy kisses, nuts or other little treats.Then tie it to the spoon with a personalized satin ribbon.

4. Chinese Tea Cups

Another idea is giving your guests a traditional Chinese tea cup.Find them, if you can, in your wedding colors and fill them with treats and then tie a satin ribbon around it for a festive look. They are a nice gift even if you do not choose to fill them.

5. Incense

Incense may be found in many different and pleasing scents.Place several in an Asian influenced favor box and tie it with red string which symbolizes good luck.Not only that but incense is healthful!
Yes, an group of scientists, including researchers from Johns Hopkins University and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, found that burning certain incense activates ion channels in the brain that can alleviate anxiety and depression.So, incense is unique, pleasing, and healthy for your guests all in one!

6. Chopsticks

For something different and fun, give your guests a set of chopsticks.Have the Chinese symbol for “double happiness” engraved on one side and your names and wedding date on the other.Then tie them together with silk or satin ribbon or the symbolic red string.

7. Bamboo Favors

Bamboo Coasters are a Wonderful Wedding FavoFor those wanting to give an eco-friendly “thank you” bamboo is just the thing.You can get bamboo coasters and some of them you can engrave your names and wedding dates so your guests will think of you every time they use them; there are also bamboo place mats that you can get.Another eco-friendly wedding favor is a bamboo frame/place card holder which does double duty for you by being a wedding favor and can have each persons name nicely printed on good paper and inserted in the frames which are put on the tables so everyone knows where to sit.And, besides a gift that can be used for years, you’re helping the world because bamboo products are made from 100%, virtually indestructible, bamboo and will fit in perfectly with every sort of dining and decor style; and did you know that harvested bamboo completely grows back in just 5 years.

8. Lotus Flower Candle Holders

You can find beautiful votive candle holders in the shape of a lotus flower, get them and put a theme color candle in it.Get some small paper umbrellas and some place cards, then write the name of each guest on one card and stick the umbrella through the card and then into the candle. It now becomes a table place card and a wedding favor in one.A cost saving thing for you and it makes for a truly lovely presentation.

9. Scented Candles

While we’re talking candles, there are many round and pillar candles that comes in scents like Cherry Blossom, Green Tea and Double HappinessThese can have tulle gathered around it and be tied with a red string or satin ribbon.

1o. “Lucky Bamboo”

Lucky bamboo isn’t really bamboo at all, it’s a type of water lily and very hardy.The one shoot plant is most cost effective and symbolizes simplicity and innocence.If you choose the two shoot stalk it represents the bride and groom and their love.The three shoot stalk stands for happiness, fertility, and family.If you tuck a piece of evergreen into any of the favors it represents longevity.These Asian wedding favors will keep those receiving them talking about what unique and special “thank you” gifts they were given on your day of daysI would love to hear any new Asian wedding favor ideas you might have or have seen, just put a comment below.

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