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Ring Pillow for Your Black and White Ceremony

One of the easiest, yet most striking wedding themes is your wedding day in black and white. If that is your choice here are some black and white wedding ideas that could be helpful and inexpensive.
A black and white wedding theme is appropriate any time of the year, but does seem to lend to a more formal wedding and reception.You may use the black and white theme from the pew decorations through your reception centerpieces and wedding cake.Here are some black and white theme ideas to help you along.Bridal attire is most beautiful if it is simply and elegant. You in white, and for a wonderful look a black sash at the waist and flowing down the back of your white dress.

The groom and groomsmen in black tux or black suits with white shirts.

Your attendants could wear black with a white sash tied at the waist. To add a plash of color, if you wish, have the attendants carry a single color flower in the color of your choice.The wedding invitations you choose in black and white may be ordered from a printer or kits are sold for you to do yourselves. This would be a less expensive way to go. In either case there are many types to choose from and there will surely be something to your liking.A lovely way to decorate the aisle pews or chairs is to drape wide white ribbon from row to row and a bow with a black knot in the center. If you wanted some color tie a silk flower into each bow.Table cloths in white with black runners and napkins and black or white plates is striking. Addto that a centerpiece of all candles which is less expensive then flowers.One idea is a black bowl filled part way with water and float black and white candles in it. Scatter white silk petals around the bowls.

Another idea is to place black and white candles of various sizes and shaped on a reflective mirror and scatter black heart shaped shiny confetti around them.If your choice is flowers, black vases filled with white flowers  or white vasesfilled with white flowers and accents of black tucked into the flowers is very dramatic on the tables.For your wedding favors you can find dozens of varieties of black and white favor boxes. Pick the style you like and fill them with chocolates or candy kisses. There are even black and white jelly beans available.  Check out these adorable wedding cake candles, too.

A Black and White Wedding Cake in Your theme Colors

The wedding cake with white frosting and black accents would be stunning on a table with a white cloth and draped with black tulle. Some couples choose to have black frosting with white decorations which is really an eye-catcher.To  see how gorgeous they can be check out the video below.Your wedding day in black and white will pass the test with flying colors. These black and white wedding ideas and your creativity will surely help to make this happen.

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