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Best Ideas For Winter Wedding Favors

You have set the date for your wedding and now it is time to start thinking about your wedding decorating ideas and just how much you can spend to make it your “day of days”.The hardest thing to do, after you have set the amount you can spend on decorating, is to stay within that budget.Let’s see if I can help you with that, while still allowing you to have a beautiful celebration.The first thing to remember is that as special as you want this to day to be, the decorations are to be used only once.When planning the decorations, focus on the special places they will be most noticed; this would be the ceremony altar and the reception tables.You can move the ceremony flower arrangements to the reception entrance and save a several hundred dollars and it gives you a fast and easy start to decorating the reception entrance.

Decoration Ideas For Winter Wedding

Small white twinkle lights are often on sale after the holidays and they can be used to decorate pillars, reception door entrances, and the wedding party table which usually has seating on one side facing the guests.Use them wherever you think it would make the area more festive.Most places will cover the tables with plain white tablecloths.  You can enhance the entire look and mood simply by adding runners or lace overlays in the wedding theme colors.Make the wedding cake and it’s table a centerpiece at the reception by placing it where everyone can see and enjoy it. Drape tulle around the table for a softer more romantic look.Also, if you order a square tiered cake you can get more pieces out of it so you can get a smaller, less expensive wedding cake and, as a nice side benefit, since it’s not the usual round cake it can become a striking and unique decoration all by itself.Beautiful but inexpensive candles can be used as wedding reception centerpieces and at other key places around the room and they always set a wonderful mood.Table favors for each guest can also become decorations and a nice memento to boot.Place a votive candle at each place setting and stick a small paper umbrella with the guest’s name on it into the candle so they can take it home when the day is over.

Have a disposable camera at each table and ask guests to take interesting pictures and send them to you for your album.  They will love doing it and it is saving you additional wedding photographer fees.Table centerpieces need not be an expensive thing. Use candles, seasonal flowers, even dried flowers and just let your creativity take over.Depending on how you wish to decorate, you will find that craft stores, online merchants, and discount retailers are helpful and great sources of ideas and savings.Ask your family and friends to pitch in and help you. It will be fun for all and make them feel a very special part of your wedding day.There are many inexpensive wedding decorating ideas that you can use to make your wedding day gorgeous. The money you save will make the time and creativity you put into it well worth it and bring smiles to the faces of guests as they appreciate the beauty of your “day of days”.

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